Stewart fronts The Faces for first gig in almost 40 years

Posted, 2015-09-07

The three surviving members of the Faces reunited for the first time in 39 years this weekend, performing a one-off charity gig for Prostate Cancer UK.







Misty Copeland Is Breathtaking On September Cover Of Essence

She’s got style and grace.

Whether she’s dancing on stage or fronting a major campaign, ballerina Misty Copeland is always completely and utterly captivating. It’s no surprise that the American Ballet Theatre star is wowing us once again by gracing the cover of Essence magazine’s September issue.

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Happy Ever After: 100 Swoon-Worthy Romances

Summer of Love

Mary McLain/NPR

As we get into the hottest, most languorous months of the year, it’s the perfect moment for a hot read — and just in time, our big summer book list is here. It’s theNPR Books Summer of Love, and we have 100 great romances for you, from historical to paranormal to LGBTQ to the subgenre that started it all, category romance (the slim-spined Harlequins of your childhood).


Tesla’s Self-Driving Cars Are About To Get Smarter

Did someone say “parallel parking”? Yes, someone did.

Tesla Motors’ autopilot feature is revving up.

Earlier this year, the electric automaker released a limited self-driving function, which allowed Model S sedans equipped with the right hardware to detect other cars and obstacles around it and change lanes on highways. 

On Friday morning, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla had another update in the pipeline. This one would allow Autopilot-equipped cars to steer themselves better on highways and parallel park on their own.  

These 9 key issues affect the success of girls and women around the world 

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Why do trailers spoil their movies? Because you want them to.

Full size image

Best Books of 2015 (So Far)


Photo: Maya Robinson and Photos by Harper Collins, Graywolf Press, New York Review Books, Macmillan, Penguin Press and New Direction Publishing


Serena Williams returns a shot to Garbine Muguruza of Spain during the women's singles final at the All England Lawn Tennis Championships in Wimbledon, London, on Saturday.

Serena Williams Wins 21st Major Title At Wimbledon

The win puts Williams one shy of Steffi Graf’s record — and leaves open the possibility of a calendar Grand Slam.







The creation of superhumans may be on the horizon.

 cosmos and culture

Cut And Paste: Editing Genomes To Design Superhumans

Gene manipulation can be of great benefit and harm to humanity — and only time will tell whether our species is mature enough to use the new technology with wisdom, says commentator Marcelo Gleiser.



University of Chicago medical student Manny Quaidoo adds a pinch of salt to the spinach feta frittata he's learning to cook as part of a culinary medicine class.

the salt

A Dose Of Culinary Medicine Sends Med Students To The Kitchen

Aspiring doctors at the University of Chicago are learning how to teach patients about healthy eating. Nutrition advocates say this kind of training is critical to fighting obesity and diabetes.




Vanity Fair's Twitter page shows its July cover with Caitlyn Jenner. The issue and photo shoot had to be planned in secret.


Behind The Camera: How ‘Vanity Fair’ Got Its ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ Cover

The July issue of Vanity Fair featuring Caitlyn Jenner has many people talking and it hasn’t even hit newsstands yet. Editor-in-Chief Graydon Carter says the story took months of secret planning.


Le Red Carpet – From Cannes to Gaza

Full ArticleAl Jazeera

25 May 2015

The world‘s most glamorous artistic and commercial spectacle is over. And so is the Gaza Film Festival. The thousands of people, who descended on Cannes this year as they do every May, have left. They are artists and aspiring artists, bankers and entertainers, producers and journalists, fans and critics, from all over the world. But above all they

From left, jury members Sophie Marceau, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joel Coen, Sienna Miller, Xavier Dolan, Rossy de Palma, Guillermo Del Toro, Rokia Traore and jury president Ethan Coen pose for photographers upon arrival for the awards ceremony at the 68th international film festival, Cannes, southern France, Sunday, May 24, 2015.

Someone Swapped The Genders Of The Avengers And It’s Perfect

Amber Heard as Captain America

Amber Heard as Captain America

Jennifer Lawrence as Thor

Jennifer Lawrence as Thor

Mila Kunis as Bruce Banner

Mila Kunis as Bruce Banner

Kate Beckinsale as Iron Man

Kate Beckinsale as Iron Man

Shailene Woodley as Hawkeye

Shailene Woodley as Hawkeye

Chris Pine as Black Widow

Chris Pine as Black Widow

Kristen Stewart as Loki

Kristen Stewart as Loki


More Sex Means More Money







The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

You don’t have infinite money. Spend it on stuff that research says makes you happy.








Your medical marijuana questions answered

'Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution'

CNN WEED 3 4-19-2015_00001916

‘Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution’ 00:29

Why the “Food Babe” enrages scientists

If you needed more evidence that you can basically say anything about health — no matter how nonsensical and ridiculous — and win a massive following, consider the recent rise of blogger Vani Hari, also known as the Food Babe.

Hari is a former management consultant turned self-styled consumer activist who uses her blog to wage war on the toxins in our foods — from supposedly “hazardous chemicals” in pumpkin spice lattes to the genetically modified ingredients in grocery aisles. Here’s how the New York Times described her approach:
Hari then harnesses the power of her massive audience (known as the Food Babe Army) and online petitions to get food chains and manufacturers to stop using the ingredients she deems harmful, based on her pseudoscientific analyses. It doesn’t matter that what she says usually isn’t backed by research evidence, or that the chemicals she singles out pose no real danger to human health.

WTF ?!

Let John Oliver Explain How Petty Municipal Fines Destroy the Lives of Our Most Vulnerable

—By Inae Oh| Mon Mar. 23, 2015 

As demonstrated by the Justice Department’s damning investigation into the Ferguson Police Department, police officials often rely on slapping hefty municipal fines to fund government. Such practices are rampant in towns across the country.

On the latest Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took on the issue with an in-depth report explaining how a petty traffic violation—a ticket some people can simply shrug off as a nuisance—can actually wreck the lives of society’s most vulnerable citizens, and sometimes even land people in jail.

“Most Americans drive to work,” he explained. “If you can’t do that, you’ve got a problem. In New Jersey, a survey of low-income drivers who had their license suspended found that 64 percent had lost their jobs as a result, which doesn’t help anyone. You need them to pay their fine but you’re taking away their means of paying it. That’s the most self-defeating idea since gay conversion camp!”

While Oliver says he’s not advocating for minor offenses to go without punishment, people should have the “right to fuck up once in a while without completely destroying our lives.”

Watch below:



Check Out This Amazing Collection of Iconic Photos of the 1960s Haight Street Scene

Photographer Jim Marshall delivers the faces, the icons, and the vibe of a unique moment in music history.

The Grateful Dead’s last free concert on Haight Street, 1968
All photos ©Jim Marshall Photography LLC.

Jim Marshall’s name is often accompanied by adjectives such as “indomitable,” “legendary,” “genius,” or “whirlwind.” And not without reason.

Apart from being in the right place at the right time—San Francisco’s music scene in the mid-1960s—Marshall had the right personality to get up close and personal with the bands who would provide the soundtrack to a generation. More importantly, he was simply a great photographer. As such, Marshall created some of the most iconic images in rock and roll history.

You know that famous shot of Johnny Cash flipping off the camera? Marshall. The Allman Brothers cover where they’re all sitting in front of their road cases? Marshall. The Beatles running across the field at Candlestick Park for their last concert? Marshall. Just about any photo of Janis Joplin that comes to mind. Jim Fucking Marshall. Hendrix. The Dead. The Who. The Stones. Zepplin. Little Richard. Chuck Berry. Neil Young. He shot ’em all, and many, many more.

Jimi Hendrix films Janis Joplin backstage at Winterland, San Francisco, 1968.

A new book, The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution (Insight Editions), thoroughly documents the genesis of the Haight-Ashbury scene. Marshall was there in the earliest days, when the Charlatans, the Great Society, the Warlocks/Grateful Dead, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, the Jefferson Airplane, and other bands were just beginning to spin their wheels, and the SF acid/psych-rock scene was just getting rolling.

The Poets (Allen Ginsberg, Robbie Robertson, Michael McClure, and Bob Dylan) in the alley next to City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, 1965

The book, which goes on sale on October 14, includes lots of live concerts and behind-the-scenes photos of young rockstars with careers on the rise. There are also portraits, protests, reportage: Marshall shot it all. That’s what makes this book so great: the top-to-bottom, inside-out coverage of the entire scene. He gives us a real taste of what it was like to be in the midst of things.

Dancers in the Panhandle, San Francisco, 1967

The Human Be IN, Golden Gate Park, 1967

Starting from the scene’s origins, The Haight continues through the period when LIFEwas doing regular features on the hippies and the bands were starting to get too big for the Panhandle, and concludes in 1968 with the Dead’s final street show: “One last time the band pulled out their gear, trundled down the hill, and played for free in the San Francisco sunshine.”

The musicians Marshall shot would go on to become staples of the American music landscape, and these photos are every bit as culturally important, They are as much a part of that landscape as the music itself.












Man gets World's First Successful Penis Transplant

The world‘s first successful penis transplant was performed at Stellenbosch University and Cape Town’s Tygerberg Hospital, reported Bloomberg on March 13. A penile amputee received a transplanted organ and is fully recovered and functional








With mere hours until the release of her new album, Madonna sits behind a closed door in a suite at Interscope Records’ office near Times Square. A stylist darts into the room for a few touch-ups. “She wants to look good for you,” Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s longtime publicist, tells me. I pass a pair of security guards, then wait to be beckoned into the makeshift chamber. Not much has changed since 1984, when Madonna promised to “rule the world” and subsequently invented modern pop stardom. She is still the one to decide when, where and, most importantly, how we see her.

Monica Bellucci, 50, is the Newest Bond Girl–Is Hollywood Rethinking Age?

Monica Bellucci, 50, is the Newest Bond Girl--Is Hollywood Rethinking Age?

Monica Bellucci, 50, is the oldest Bond love interest ever cast opposite Daniel Craig, 46. 










British singer David Bowie performs on stage at the Parc des Princes in Paris, on June 14, 1997. AFP PHOTO JACK GUEZ (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)











In 1878 Van Gogh was a struggling would-be preacher. At his lowest ebb, he began to draw. Alastair Sooke looks back at this pivotal moment in history



5 Things Millennials Can Glean From the President’s State of the Union Address

5 Things Millennials Can Glean From the President’s State of the Union Address



10 Beautiful Bookshops From Around The Globe


The Invisible World Has A Funky Fresh Beat

Mathematics and sound.

Nigel John Stanford/YouTube

How much do you think you are missing right now — in this very moment, as you sit reading these words? How much of the world’s grace and power do you think is cascading around you unseen like a swift, invisible river?

Most of it.

The world we see and hear and touch comprises just a few pages in a very long book. But that book is, ultimately, not written in vision, hearing or feeling. It’s written in the secret language of relationship and quantity. It’s written in the language of math. But the greatest secret is that within mathematics there is a kind of beauty that can make you weep, or stir you to rapture.

I know, I know — some of you will think I’m tripping. But I’m not. I can prove it to you. All I ask is that you take five minutes and check out the remarkable funky rhythms of Nigel John Stanford and his cymatic explorations in this video:







LIONEL MESSI: How The Most Expensive Athlete In The World Spends His Millions







8 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms and Sexual Satisfaction



Millenials Spend More on Christmas Gifts Than Others. And We Thought They Were Self-Absorbed.

christmas spending infographic

They may be self-absorbed with their selfies and short-attention spans, but it turns out that, according to the following Shift Communications Christmas Spending Infographic, Millenials (ages 18-34) are actually more generous than the rest of us when it comes to spending money on Christmas gifts. At least in the United States.

Millennials average $307 in purchases while Generation Xers (age 35-54) spend on average $299, and Boomers (age 55 and older) spend $262 on average. Not surprisingly however is theway they shop: Millennials and Generation Xers prefer to shop online, and Boomers prefer brick-and-mortar stores.

And how does each generation determine what to purchase? Millennials and Generation Xers learn online about the latest holiday gift trends. Boomers get their info from TV.

Other insights include the following:
• 46% of Americans wait until December to purchase gifts.
• Gen X prefers putting up holiday decorations to finding/giving presents or to attending holiday dinners and parties.
• Boomers find the crowds most off-putting for holiday shopping while Millenials and Gen X greatest dislike is spending money.
• Of all three generations, the most requested present is a Gift Card.
• Most popular toys this holiday season were LEGOs, Nintendo DS and dolls from Disney’s Frozen.

Christmas Spending Infographic


What was the methodology used to gather this information?

SHIFT Communications commissioned Google Consumer Surveys to collect responses from  a representative sample  of 1000 respondents. The survey collected 10001 responses with an RMSE Score** of %4.7. The survey population was the adult internet user population of the US weighted against the US Census Bureau Current population survey.

** The Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) (also called the root mean square deviation, RMSD) is a frequently used measure of the difference between values predicted by a model and the values actually observed from the environment that is being modelled.








Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

by David Shafer

Hardcover, 425 pages

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is one of those cautionary novels about the near future that we’ve seen so much of in recent years. … It’s a first novel written by a young writer who actually lives in Portland, Ore. And it’s often funny and it’s what I would call scarily realistic. It’s a techno thriller. And it takes place, as I said, in a future that is within our sight. … It’s a future in which a cabal of very dastardly people … have decided that what they are going to do is privatize information. So everything that we so trustingly hand over via our credit card, via the Google searches that we do, for example, what we put on Facebook, what we tweet, every online move we make is going to be privatized and it’s a way of making more money for those who have it. … But three 30-somethings rather reluctantly come together in order to try to foil the plans of these people. …

“This is a book that I would give to people who loved Dave Eggers’ novel from last year, The Circle; Don DeLillo’s older novel, wonderful novel, White Noise; anything by William Gibson, including his newest book which is just recently out; and of course Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon. The book has a very different plot, but the feelings that you get, the experience of reading this book, is similar to the experience th






Police killings prompt a resurgence in political art

Artists are fighting back after the controversial deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown

 Robert Longo’s Untitled Art Works

December  2014

10806486_10201892150065340_9055648251978630370_nStephan Sinding







Everybody buying books over weekend

1. The Sensual One

The Sensual One

Old Book Scented Candle

2. The Secretive

17 Novel Etsy Gifts For Every Kind Of Book Lover

Secret Safe Book

3. Your Secret Crush

Your Secret Crush

Checking You Out Card

4. The Dreamer

17 Novel Etsy Gifts For Every Kind Of Book Lover

Cloud Wall Shelf

5. That One Cat Person

17 Novel Etsy Gifts For Every Kind Of Book Lover

Business Cat Print

6. And that Other Cat Person

And that Other Cat Person

Cat Bookmark

7. Can’t forget the Dog Lover

Can't forget the Dog Lover

Double Dachshund Bookmark

8. The Naturalist

The Naturalist

Mini Rustic Wood Journal

9. The Needleworker

The Needleworker

Needle Felted Book Pin Cushion

10. The Bespectacled

17 Novel Etsy Gifts For Every Kind Of Book Lover

Owl Bookend and Eyglasses Holder

11. The Phone Obsessed

The Phone Obsessed

Library Card Phone Case

12. The Snappy Dresser

The Snappy Dresser

Book Cufflinks

14. The Coffee Person

The Coffee Person

Eat Sleep Read Mug

15. The Tea Lover

17 Novel Etsy Gifts For Every Kind Of Book Lover

Books Teapots

16. The Historian

The Historian

Card Catalog Cuff

17. And finally, The Goth

And finally, The Goth

Coffin Leather Journal

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

A woman carries a flag bearing marijuana symbols at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, April 12, 2014. The annual music festival, which runs for two consecutive three-day weekends, has grown to one of the largest music festival in the U.S. since it was founded in 1999

Photo credit should read DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images

It’s a new era here in the United States. Marijuana is becoming culturally acceptable and states across the nation are legalizing the use of the drug medically–and otherwise.

These three grandmas admitted to never having smoked marijuana before, so they were given the opportunity to try it for the first time.

One grandma says, “I was a suburban housewife and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails and we were happy.”

The three grandmas were given snacks and they played Cards Against Humanity together–so basically a stoner’s dream sequence.

The experiment went extremely well and some interesting results were found. All three of them enjoyed their hour of being high together and all agreed they would smoke again. One grandma even noticed the pain in her neck had gone away.

Watch the video below and see how high these grandmas get below!

This video was recorded in Washington, D.C. where recreational use of marijuana recently became legal, so there were no issues with the law.


Lange Santa Barbara Film Fest

The Twisted Stories Behind Beloved Nursery Rhymes


‘Punk Rock’: Theater Review

'Punk Rock': Theater Review

Simon Stephens, represented on Broadway with “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” reopens the wounds of high school in this impressive earlier work READ MORE



Chris Rock Crossed The Line – And ‘Saturday Night Live’ Has A Pulse

Chris Rock Saturday Night Live opening monologue

Jesus may have died for our sins but Chris Rock killed for Saturday Night Live. Hekilled. Twelve hours ago, he set Studio 8H at Rockefeller Center ablaze with jokes about the Boston Marathon, 9/11 and the commercialization of Christmas. Imagine that: There is still fresh blood to be drawn from jokes about the commercialization of Christmas and that guy with “no bling.” That’s how good Chris Rock is.


Vampire Diaries’ Star Paul Wesley Set For Sci-Fier ‘Convergence’

Paul Wesley Convergence

EXCLUSIVE: The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley is jumping from the supernatural to the scientific withConvergence, a sci-fi action film that he’ll star in and produce. Plot details are being kept under wraps, butConvergence is described as a college-age ensemble piece in the vein of Flatliners, The Matrix, and Fight Club based on real life “science fact”. It follows a group of underground biotech engineers, including an MIT student wunderkind, exploring a new technology… READ




Confused About The Ending Of ‘Interstellar’?

Spoiler Alert: This article is meant for people who have seen “Interstellar.” If you haven’t, go see it first, then come right back here.      

Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind  `Coming to Television

The Name of the Wind television Fox Marc Simonetti



The King Of Denial


Stephen`s Lampoon






The New American Love Story, Lived in the Shadows

‘Preparation for the Next Life’ by Atticus Lish

13book-master495 authorjacket

Interstellar 2014 Movie
Posted: 11/08/2014      Read full review here






Alexander Wang's H&M Collection Is Nearly Sold Out

Alexander Wang’s H&M Collection Is Nearly Sold Out







Terminally Ill ‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator Vows to Give Away Fortune

Sam Simon faces down his terminal cancer diagnosis by spending his vast fortune (how much? “I don’t know”) on animal rights and feeding the hungry: “I get pleasure from it. I love it.”

Jake Gyllenhaal visits the dark side, again


Brand of the Day: Chanel No. 5 Finds a New Muse in the Stunning Gisele Bündchen

  • October  2014

The supermodel stars in this new three-minute ad for the brand, a sequel of sorts to Chanel’s 2004 love story starring Nicole Kidman. Baz Luhrmann, who directed the first clip, returns for this one, making for an unsurprisingly lush visual style……Read article here





William Gibson Writes the Future


He coined the term cyberspace before we even knew cyberspace existed. He imagined reality TV years before it was everywhere. He’s made the leap from cult novelist to mega-selling oracle by writing intensely enjoyable techno-thrillers about viral-ad agencies and shadowy clothing designers and Cuban-Chinese data traffickers. And while William Gibson insists that he’s the last guy to know what’s coming next, predictions he made decades ago keep coming true. Which is a little alarming, actually. Because his new novel, The Peripheral, is his most dire yet  ….…… more here


Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera naked gq

 An American Portrait  of Sand and Soil


To see the National Portrait Gallery’s  ” Out of Many, One ”  in its entirety, visitors must take to the air above the National Mall in Washington, D.C.







Season of the Witch

book review

‘Season Of The Witch’ Shines A (Black) Light On The Occult In Rock

Rock ‘n’ roll rebellion is mainstream today, but Peter Bebergal’s new book summons a more shadowed past, when artists like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin brought an occult mystique to the music.






Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Mansion

Lady Gaga is a first-time California homeowner … but she’s not starting small….she just bought a massive $24 million Malibu compound. 



 They say : Kris sobs every nite over BRUCE`S NEW DATE


Kris Jenner
has been crying every night over Bruce Jenner‘s new date … who happens to be Kris’ former best friend for the last 20 years.

We’re told Kris feels utterly betrayed by Ronda Kamihira … who to this day has not said a word to her about seeing Bruce. Kris has seen photos of Bruce and Ronda in public, including the Elton John concert on Oct. 4th in L.A. She feels humiliated and played.

We’re also told Kris has not confronted Bruce about Ronda — and doesn’t care if they’re banging or not. She feels Bruce being out with Ronda on dates — even casual ones — given that Ronda was a family friend with whom they vacationed and shared holidays — is just appalling.

















 Jennifer Lawrence naked photo response is the end of the ‘shamed starlet’

jennifer lawrence vanity fair cover
The narratives have changed, so Lawrence’s anger isn’t just tolerated – it’s splashed across Vanity Fair’s November cover: ‘It’s my body, and it should be my choice.’ Photograph: Patrick Demarchelier / Vanity Fair

When Vanity Fair released Jennifer Lawrence’s first on-the-record response to nude photos being stolen from her phone, it was hard to suppress a celebratory fist pump into the air. The actor – livid – called the violation a “sex crime”, accused those who looked at the photos of “perpetuating a sexual offense” and added:

I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.

Hell. Yes.

Lawrence’s scathing reaction – angry, offended and unapologetic – is the righteous end to an evolution of celebrity nude “scandal” responses. Where once female stars were expected to hang their head in shame for having the temerity to pose nude for themselves or lovers, now they can issue a barely-shrouded “fuck you” to a public that so gleefully consumed their humiliation.









Victoria Beckham Wins Philanthropreneur Of The Year (That’s A Philanthropist-Entrepreneur Hybrid, 

 Oct 2014

Victoria Beckham United Nations

United Nations UNAIDS

Victoria Beckham will be named Philanthropreneur Of The Year at a special awards ceremony in London next month, adding the interesting new title to her already quite full CV.

The prize will be presented at Eva Longoria’s Global Gift Gala event on 17th November and acknowledges the designer’s work as both a philanthropist and businesswoman with charities like Born Free Africa, the British Red Cross, mothers2mothers, Save the Children and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.


NY Burlesque Festival Classes
Get classy with international rockstars of burlesque! Workshops with Imogen Kelly, Michelle L’Amour, and Burgundy Brixx hosted by The New York School of Burlesque.
Pontani & Thirsty Girl Productions Present
The 12th Annual New York Burlesque Festival
Sept 25-Sept 28, 2014
Celebrating over a Decade, of Glitter and Glamour in Gotham with over 100 performers from around the Globe!The Bell House
149 7th street, Brooklyn NY 11215
Doors: 6:30pm, Show 8pm
$15 adv, $20 at the door

How to Live Forever: The (Mad?) Science Hollywood Is Using to “Cure” Death

Illustration by: David Plunkert

It’s not just about anti-aging. “Longevity” is the new buzzword as Hollywood embraces all sorts of technology, from an altitude machine favored by tennis star Novak Djokovic to L.A.’s hot new treatment: the very deep freeze






Sophia Loren Feted in Rome Photo Exhibit for 80th Birthday

Sophia Loren

Celebratory events for the Italian icon are also planned in Mexico City and Hollywood


Ben Affleck Admits Counting Cards In Casinos

The actor says once he became “decent” he was asked not to play blackjack anymore but denies he was ever kicked out of a casino.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Affleck said there was no tiff with his wife over his gambling



London Fashion Week: The good, the bad and the downright bizarre

No limits exist during London Fashion Week. For the past seven days eccentric prints, crazy silhouettes and daring themes have graced the runway. Sibling, pictured, transformed the childhood bow into something a little less dainty.







“There were always politics in court appointments and in the functioning of the judiciary,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut and a member of the Judiciary Committee. Credit….









Breaking Bad And Sherlock Dominate At The Emmy Awards

26 Aug 2014


Never mind that Breaking Bad wrapped up the second half of its final season nearly a year ago. Out of sight definitely didn’t mean out of mind for the Academy voters this year, as the acclaimed AMC drama dominated the Emmy Awards, facing off against HBO‘s Game of Thrones and True Detective, among other series, and coming out on top. That includes… 
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR THE TELEVISION ACADEMY - EXCLUSIVE - Aaron Paul, and from left, Vince Galligan, Anne Gunn and Bryan Cranston pose with their awards for outstanding drama series for their work on "Breaking Bad" at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Monday, Aug. 25, 2014, in Los Angeles.





The British editor of Cosmopolitan,, says she loves talking about (and having) sex. The key to women succeeding in business? Playing golf, apparently.

Joanna Coles: Why Cosmopolitan Does Sexy and Serious So Well








Lands’ End Customers Are Freaking Out Over GQ Cover

Some Lands’ End customers are none too happy with the company for sending them a free issue of GQ magazine.

The magazine featured model and actress Emily Ratajkowski almost nude on the cover of its July issue.










34 Albums That Every Modern Gentleman Should Have In His Collection







‘Prozac Nation’ Turns 20


Twenty years ago Elizabeth Wurtzel’s ‘Prozac Nation’ ushered in a wave of confessional literature. While much-criticized at the time, we should hail her unflinching candor.














The Tenth of DecemberGeorge Saunders

George Saunders’ collection of short stories appeared on five of the eight “best of” lists reviewed, making it the single most talked-about book of the bunch. In this collection, Saunders ebullient writing style tackles stories about class, sex, love, loss, despair, and war, addressing questions that delve deep into human morality.








Meet Erykah Badu's Favorite Jewelry Designer


Meet Erykah Badu’s Favorite Jewelry Designer

Remember the musician’s fierce rings at this year’s Met Gala? They were designed by Lillian Shalom, whom the singer discovered through a friend that followed her Instagram account.




Jane Fonda: Hollywood Royalty Gets AFI Life Achievement Award And Follows In Father Henry’s Footsteps

Jane Fonda’s AFI Life Achievement Award

Studio chiefs and top stars turned out to celebrate the two-time Oscar winner’s career Thursday. The busy-again actress is the only daughter of a previous AFI honoree to receive the award. Her ‘China Syndrome’ co-star — and fellow AFI Award legacy — Michael Douglas presented it to her. Deadline’s Pete Hammond and Dominic Patten discuss the big night.

It didn’t take long to bring up the controversial side of Jane Fonda during AFI‘s Lifetime Achievement Award tributeafilogo1Thursday night. AFI Board Of Trustees Chairman Howard Stringer addressed the elephant in the room almost immediately upon taking the Dolby Theatre stage: “What not a lot of people know is that Jane Fonda attended the very first AFI tribute in 1973 to director John Ford. She didn’t actually make it into the ballroom AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Jane Fonda - Showthat night because she was out front picketing. That’s right, she was there to protest the appearance of one of that night’s presenters, Richard Nixon. Jane, what are we going to do with you?” he said to much knowing laughter and applause. A little while later, AFI CEO and President Bob Gazzale picked up on the theme. “Yes, Jane picketed the AFI Life Achievement Awards. But it wasn’t the first time that she’d marched on AFI,” he said. “Some years earlier outside the gates of the AFI conservatory there was a protest led by Jane and another Life Achievement recipient, Shirley MacLaine. They were there to draw attention to the lack of women in roles in the AFI Conservatory and they were right. Their effort led to the establishment of  the AFI Directing Workshop for women which this year is celebrating its 40th anniversary. And they also helped to ensure women were admitted to the AFI Conservatory where women have flourished over the years.”

2014 AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute - ArrivalsBut as it became abundantly clear this evening was much more than about Fonda’s well-known activism. It was about a film career that has brought her two Oscars from seven nominations — that started in 1960 with Tall Story and is still going strong all the way up to next September’s This Is Where I Leave You. Both are from Warner Bros and both show the remarkable career journey this daughter of a very famous star, Henry Fonda, and sister of another twice-nominated actor/writer/producer Peter Fonda, has taken. Among studio heads that included 20th’s Jim Gianopulos, Sony’s Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton and Disney’s Alan Horn, WarnersKevin Tsujihara was also there. As Fonda was introduced and took the traditional march through the crowded room of stars, friends , executives and industryites, she seemed genuinely touched and teared up. Shortly afterward I caught up with her and asked if she was actually crying. “Do I look like I was crying? You bet I was.”  she told me. It made a later clip they showed from her 1965 Western Cat Ballou even more prescient. “You won’t make me cry. You’ll never make me cry,” Cat Ballou says. It clearly didn’t apply to Fonda on Thursday night as she appeared overwhelmed by it all.  And actually a couple of weeks ago in Cannes she told me she burst into tears when she got the phone call saying she received this award. “They asked me to present to Bette Davis and I did. They asked me to present to Barbara Stanwyck (her Walk On The Wild Side co-star), and I did. And of course my father, and I did. But I never dreamed I would be getting this award, ” she told me. Well she did, and in a ceremony that was a rich as any of these has ever been — and I’ve been coming to them since Frank Capra got one in 1982. It was a special night as Fonda became the only daughter of a previous winner to receive the same award. Father and Son Kirk and Michael Douglas and brother and sister Warren Beatty and MacLaine also have made the family connection for AFI in previous years.

6f7e6e6fcda4338c1e1429ada879d41bThe room was decorated with lots of iconic magazine covers featuring Fonda but the most interesting was a Time agazine AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Jane Fonda - After-Partycover featuring all the Fondas: Henry, Jane and a silhouetted Peter from his Easy Riderdays. “I am not so sure about that cover,” Peter Fonda told me as he stared at the blowup during a break in the proceedings. “I remember that interview very well. They had three different writers interview us se

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