Clif High Newsletter: We’re Coming For You! . . . We, The Humans….

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Date: Sunday, 2-Apr-2023 12:59:01


By Clif High – April 2, 2023

We, the Humans….

We’re coming for you!

When the Powers That Be, that is, the Deep State [DS], aka [Khazarian Mafia – (KM)] set out to attack We, the People of the Western Liberal Republics, they did so with psychological warfare.

It is War. By the [DS]’s own reckoning, they killed 7 million humans with their Covid psyop of a ‘pandemic’, which was yet another form of weaponized Munchhausen by Proxy let loose on the populace propelled by heavy and continuous propaganda that they had planned on being so dominating that over 400 millions were planned to perish.

It didn’t happen the way the [DS][KM] planned.

Big Oops!

Well, now onto the other plans for genocide. This includes their ‘next step’, which they have just taken, which is the ‘weaponization of Law’. So they are indicting Trump….and, very likely, this, also, won’t quite work out as planned.

Asimov’s famous quote from the Foundation Trilogy goes to the point that ‘it is a poor weapon that does not point both ways’.

So the [DS][KM] weaponized language to start their War against We, the People.

We respond, recognizing that they have attempted to alter the underlying meanings, we return fire by altering the meaning of their definitions. We attack not only the phony justifications for their ‘climate emergency’, but also throw all their history of lies back at them. Slowly, but surely, and with final certainty, minds are being won over and ‘climate crisis’ is dying as a motivating wedge against We, the Humans.

We, the populace, is taking back our language. Non-compliance with redefinition works. Insistence on meaning, works. Slowly, the propaganda is being beaten back.

The [DS][KM] attacked us with disease. A disease more of the collective, social, mind than the body, but still a complex plot to induce illness into global Humanity.

It failed. Now, it is our turn. We can attack them back by calling out their disease, that of ‘weaponized MBP’ as regards their society destabilizing tactic of ‘trans’, and ‘trans kids’ which is the weaponized appeal to ‘compassion’. Look to the words they use! All tragic, all encompassing distortions such as ‘genocide’.

But they have given us the weapon to use, that of ‘disease’. We can repel the ‘trans attack’ by way of the weaponized medical system as we turn it around, making them the pariah of the ‘ill person’. We can insist that they ARE MENTALLY ILL, and that no civil or LEGAL discourse should happen with them UNTIL such a time that they are pronounced as ‘free’ of the weaponized MBP. Let them try and dispute our insistence on ‘weaponized MBP’ being a ‘thing’, just as we had to dispute their ‘covid’ as being a ‘thing’. Let them run into their own weaponized medical system as we insist that they are indeed mentally ill, and desperately need treatment.

If they can insist that Covid is real, that masks work, then we can insist that weaponized MBP is real (it has actual history going back to 1965), and that psychological exams work.

The [DS] [KM] has now escalated the tactics by weaponizing the DOJ and Law against We, the People here in the USA by targeting the emblem that is Trump. This attack will proceed as it must, but note that this also provides us with another ‘atom blaster’.

If the [DS] can charge Trump with bogus crimes, We, the People, can charge [DS][KM] players with real crimes. We can invoke, and charge them with crimes against humanity. It matters not that the judges are bought, and owned by the [KM]. Yes, the compromised judges will dismiss the cases, BUT the trials are only one goal with the tactic.

The [KM][DS] MUST maintain the illusion of a functioning justice system if only to pump up the other illusion that their assault on the emblem of We, the People, Trump, is ‘legitimate’. This means that they MUST do everything it takes to sustain the idea that the DOJ, and the judges are NOT compromised, are NOT bought off critters of the [KM].

So this means that they must honor Procedure, if not Fact, and Intent, in Law. Thus we have them by the balls. We can squeeze as hard as we want, and they have to stand there, and grin and bear it. Just to maintain the illusion. They are trapped.

Just as with their language changes, and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, or millions of people fighting back, insisting on real definitions and facts, acting as a crushing daily weight on that effort to trap us all in ‘climate crisis’, or ‘trans kids’ (leading to weaponized compassion for the ‘trans human kids’ they intend to bring out –

– we can also CRUSH the [KM][DS] weaponization of Law.

We can do this by exploiting their weapon. Get the design pattern that is showing here? The [DS][KM] pick up a club to attack us, and we take it from them to beat them around the head with it!

Yes. Their prosecutors (paid for by Soros, the Evil Rat) will reject our claims, but they will HAVE to do so within procedure, so, if prepared without error, even if the argument is rejected, we will cost them time, energy, and effort to respond. Further, with each and every such suit pressed against their tools (the people using the system against us), we both wear them down by resource depletion, but also we wake more people up to the #5GUW.

And we highlight the enemy. Further, the enemy can be degraded by affecting their minions with Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

FUD is a very good tactic that they used against us. We can return it. If we press legal criminal charges against the propagandists, such as the main faces on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX for complicity in murder by weaponized medicine during Covid, OR any other charges for their censorship, and other illegal tactics, then how may the people doing that work now react? Yes, they will denigrate the charges, and dismiss it as ‘right wing conspiracy nutters being nutters’, BUT at that point, the Worm of doubt has entered their minds! As it would the minds of all the lower level minions at your local propaganda station! Will then they be as effective? Will they not think, “hmmm…maybe some of these words will get me sued…or arrested?”

And yes, perhaps thousands of such cases brought would be discarded. But there is a cost to process it legally to that point of dismissal. This is not a cheap cost. Multiplied by mere thousands, and entire court systems can be brought to a halt, drowning in paperwork. Plus there is a chance that Universe would Favor, and one or more charges would stick. And We, the People, can share our work, and put the AI into the grunt labor of producing the legal language for the documents.

And we can do this repeatedly. No penalty, other than umbrage, to filing one case right after another.

Perhaps we will see a Real Legal Shit Fight soon.

Once you start politicizing, thus weaponizing, the fundamentals of the social order, they are just laying there, for anyone, and everyone, to pick up and use; like atom blasters just scattered across the road. Bend down, pick one up.

They point both ways.


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