Under an Ionized Sky From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown….The Temple of CERN…The Covert Ascendance of Technocracy

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Continuing with Under an Ionized Sky From Chemtrails to
Space Fence Lockdown by Elana Freeman….

..[Dan Green, project manager:] “We expect to see things which will change the way we view the universe”. . .No one really knows what the machine will give birth to. But the equations suggest that some weird stuff could be just around the corner— maybe “dark matter,” the invisible stuff that seems to hang around galaxies.” 2

The phrase “No one really knows what the machine will give birth to” is reminiscent of what DWave’s Geordie Rose says later in this chapter. Haunting.

CERN’s massive superconducting electromagnets enhance and magnify the sustained reach of the Space Fence throughout our now-ionized atmosphere all the way to the magnetosphere. Certainly, CERN and other particle accelerators have been recalibrated to synchronize with the rest of the Space Fence infrastructure. CERN’s two-year shutdown corresponded with HAARP’s shutdown, and its restart on April 5, 2015 was just four months before HAARP (“UAF Gakona”) resumed. 3 All systems connected with monitoring and controlling geospace, the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and harnessing cosmic processes to serve the Space Fence, have been upgraded and synchronized, including the International Space Station (ISS).

CERN studies how cosmic rays affect the plasma clouds now being produced in the troposphere and stratosphere by chemtrail jets, ships, and sounding rockets, as well as how to keep the electromagnetic circuit depositing ions to form the molecules that create plasma—molecules that CERN propagates via its CLOUD experiments.

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