The Judas Goat


Obama and his handler Rom Emanuel of Chicago crime family

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         C’mon folks, stop following the Judas Goat and see what’s being done to you. Americans are the most naive bunch of marks in the world. We buy the Brooklyn Bridge every day. We continue to allow these criminals to steal our wherewithal, and quietly pay “our fair share” every April 15th, decrying those who manage to work the system to pay less. They should be your model. We shouldn’t have to pay any “income tax” as it is an unconstitutional form of taxation. There should be no Federal Reserve Bank, setting the value of our dollar, and creating our indebtedness, so that they can enrich themselves at our expense – also unconstitutional. The actual rulers are folks we don’t elect nor choose, hiding behind a curtain of phony show government. Ever notice how those you vote for, promise things they never deliver? You wonder why, I’ll bet. These actors in congress do what they are told, or something horrible would happen to them or their families. And the bio-engineering of a rogue government leadership  has doomed/poisoned most of this planet and  us.  


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