Mar 142015

The world’s first successful penis transplant was performed at Stellenbosch University and Cape Town’s Tygerberg Hospital, reported Bloomberg on March 13. A penile amputee received a transplanted organ and is fully recovered and functional again. Physicians did the penis replacement surgery on Dec. 11.

The 21-year-old male, whose name is being withheld for privacy, is completely healed and has regained use of all bodily functions of the penis. He is sexually active again and able to have children if he so chooses.

The surgery took nine hours to complete. The South African patient had to have his penis amputated three years ago in a life-saving operation. His penis was injured in a traditional initiation ceremony circumcision. Complications arose and doctors removed it. Such circumcisions account for some 250 penile amputations annually in South Africa. This successful penis transplant is encouraging for those disabled by organ loss.

Dr. Andre Van der Merwe, head of Stellenbosch University’s Division of Urology identified the uniquely challenging struggles of a man without a penis. He said South Africans are particularly vulnerable to penis amputation given the manner of traditional circumcision practiced. Then there are social stigmas surrounding those who’ve lost an organ. They’re ostracized. No one talks about the botched circumcision nor the victims.

The patient actually achieved penis transplant goals months ahead of schedule. The surgical team hoped he would be fully functional at two years post-operative. They were pleases at his speedy recovery.” This successful penis transplant was the second attempt at the complicated surgery. The patient will be monitored for three years. If all goes well, doctors will perform penis transplants on nine other men awaiting penile transplants.

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