Mar 202013

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Come and visit cafe` and catch the show of Maria Carro Loos…..

IrnGlobal Art Cafe` Artistic Instincts
The Creative Class of the Social Web ….Visit our cafe` at the crossroads of Art and Friendship….Embrace The Life Hiding Inside You….
Humour is a tricky art and most people fail to employ it intelligently in their works, be it cinema, sitcoms, musical lyrics or illustrations. The art of writing is no different and here too, humour seems to revolve around the farcical, with borrowed references from the commonest elements available such as gender inequalities, insecure politicos, or simply the society we inhabit. So when you chance upon an online female comic that stirs up genuine chuckles and at times, uninhibited laughter without the slightest trace of contempt, you welcome it with arms wide open
* The Boss

  One Response to “Toasts and Roasts In Art Cafe`….Artistic Instincts…”

  1. Dear Maria Carro Loos i love you___
    and Thanks___stuning and today 20 march a sad day for us
    kises back

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