Dec 212012

Is Make-Up Sex ‘The Best Sex You’ll Ever Have’? (VIDEO)


















HuffPost Women associate editor Emma Gray’s recent post “15 Types Of Sex You Have In Your 20s” sparked a debate over what defines good sex and whether monogamy or “hookup culture” leads to more enjoyable sexual experiences. HuffPost blogger Rachel Hollis — who has been married for eight years — responded with a blog post of her own titled “I Only Had One Type Of Sex In My 20s — And It Was Amazing.”

In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, editor Neal Boulton shared his own take on the issue and said that there’s no better sex in the world than make-up sex.

“The best sex you’ll ever have in your life is the sex you have after you break up with someone you love,” Boulton said. “You’re gonna realize a few things. You’re gonna realize what sex really is.”

Boulton said that while “hookup sex” and “hotel sex” are great, there’s nothing better than reuniting with someone you care for deeply.

“The best sex you’re ever gonna have is the renewed sex you have with someone you love,” he said.

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