Gallery Going Gets Social: TechCrunch ?s ArtSpotter


TechCrunch, the start-up news site, has a crush on ArtSpotter, the app that is meant to help gallery goers find works they like. The app has done a pivot, as they say out West, and become more social.

The new focus is about discovering art through the people and places you follow. That’s the social pivot I was hoping Artspotter would make, and they’ve done it.

It’s now all about what hat’s happening now in realtime, and around you. It’s more social aspect means it’s therefore more personalised. In addition, the new iPhone app is blisteringly fast compared to the old one make ‘art spotting’ much more fun.

There’s a activity feed, nice map integration, but the big deal is the Spot button. This is automatically tags your location when you want to ‘spot’ a gallery, venue or street art. You can also say you are at a venue not just at a specific exhibition. So far they have 10,000 venues in over 40 countries.

ArtSpotter Sculpts Its New App to Be a Social Platform for Art Fans

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