Apr 212012

May 28 – Spain’s €24 bln plan to recapitalize Bankia is doomed, and total bank injections could reach €100 bln, says Brenda Kelly at CMC Markets. What’s more, a Troika bailout of Spain is looming.

Dead silence then Nasdaq chaos burns Facebook investors (3:41)

May 25 – How a breakdown in communication and technology by the Nasdaq affected market makers and retail investors in Facebook’s IPO. Reuters’ Jennifer Merritt and Jed Horowitz on their latest reporting

This is the story of Ibrahim, a courageous Dutch-Moroccan social worker in the Netherlands who is tackling the high incidences of sex-trafficking of young Dutch girls by their so-called ‘boyfriends’ – the Lover Boys – the majority of whom are Dutch-Moroccan.

It is a taboo subject, but Ibrahim and his allies, including a local sheikh, are determined to remove this stain from their community.

This raw and often graphic film introduces us to both perpetrators and victims of this branch of internal sex-trafficking.

May 22 – Six alleged members of a Somali pirate gang charged with taking a French luxury yacht in 2008 go on trial in Paris.


 May 21 – Residents are uprooted from their villages as Congolese army and rebels engage each other using heavy weapons

May 21 – Marchers and police clash outside of NATO summit in Chicago, where world leaders are discussing the pullout of foreign troops in Afghanistan. Jessica Gray reports.

May 16 – Facebook increases size of IPO while Apple may reportedly be increasing the size of the iPhone screen.


EU Somalia Pirates Air Strikes: Europe Carries Out First Strikes Against Pirate Targets


Alleged al-Qaeda plotter was ‘double agent’

May 5 – President Obama kicks off his re-election bid, makes his first official campaign stop in the battleground state of Ohio.

As Facebook and its underwriters get ready to launch a road show to convince investors why they should friend them, Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa says buyer beware!

Escaped dissident Chen Guangcheng says in a phone interview he wants to leave China because of safety fears.

 Mexico Run By Cartels Not Government


 In search of Putin`s secret fortune

 Obama’s secret drone war

 Sudanese fighter jets bomb the twin South Sudanese towns of Bentiu and Rubkona, killing at least one person in an operation that raises the heat on an already tense border.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy hits back at critics and expresses confidence in the second round of the presidential race.

April 24 – James Murdoch has blamed subordinates for keeping him in the dark about illegal behavior when he ran his father Rupert’s UK newspaper empire

Apr. 21

Polling shows Francois Hollande with a comfortable lead over Nicolas Sarkozy on the eve of France’s presidential election

At least 43 people are dead after a cargo truck and bus collided in eastern Mexico

A Pakistani airliner crashes in bad weather as it prepares to land in Islamabad Friday, leaving no sign of survivors.

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