Art In The Era Of The Internet

We’ve written before about PBS’ OffBook web show, a bi-monthly video series devoted to “cutting edge arts.” The show has a tendency to preach to a choir of internet wonks, but it makes up for any potential narrowness by featuring people with wide-ranging influence. The subjects of the latest installment, which tackles online art creation, are no different: Julia Kaganskiy and Ciel Hunter of the Creators Project, Kickstarter founder Yancey Strickler, and Lawrence Lessig, architect of the revolutionary Creative Commons licensing system. As Lessig puts it, “if you think about the value that has been added to the internet by people voluntarily creating and sharing creativity, it is huge.” That’s true of the artists he and the rest are supporting, as well as these guys themselves. Check out “Art In The Age Of The Internet” below, and head to the “OffBook” YouTube page for more episodes.

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