Father of over 200 children dies in Kenya

Oct 12 – Asentus ‘Danger’ Akuku dies at the age of 94 after marrying more than 100 wives and fathering over 200 kids during his lifetime.

Kenya’s most famous polygamist has died, leaving behind enough grieving widows and children to fill a jumbo jet. “Danger” Akuku, believed to have been in his late 90s, married his first wife in 1939 and well over 100 more in the six decades to follow. He fathered around 200 children, so many that he founded two elementary schools to educate them, as well as a church for his family to attend.

Asentus ‘Danger’ Akuku dies at the age of 94 after marrying more than 100 wives and fathering over 200 children during his lifetime.

Danger. That was the nickname of Kenya’s renowned polygamist from a village in Nyanza province who died earlier this month at the age of 94.

Asentus Akuku married at least 100 wives and fathered more than 200 children in his lifetime.

The nickname developed on account of other men failing to match his ability of wooing most of the village girls.

He died on October 3rd after collapsing following a short illness.

His son, Tom Akuku, told Kenyan TV that efforts to save his father failed due to lack of immediate space at the hospital.

“When they reached Kisumu, Aga Khan, they found out that they could not find space in the ICU, and then, because of that they then took him to the general hospital, and then, now when they wanted to admit him they found out that he had died.”

Polygamy, legal in Kenya, is not widespread.

The practice is considered a sign of wealth and status in some parts of the country.

Danger was a wealthy businessman, running a taxi cabs company and owning most of the stores in the village trading centre with his children working in the family business.

Aside from producing an extraordinary number of offspring, he will be remembered for building a school for his children and a church to accommodate his large family.

Hundreds of Akuku’s relatives have gathered in the village where they say they are planning a burial to take place in November.

It will be strictly a family affair.

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