Jun 022010

Think it’s time for New York City to update its cab design? The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has been hunting for the so-called “taxi of tomorrow” — a cab that integrates safety, comfort, energy efficiency, and superior design — for the past two years. The TLC hasn’t chosen a new taxi yet, but we like the looks of the Unicab, a four-seater EV decked out with so many eco features that barely resembles today’s cabs.

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Designed as an all-electric vehicle, the concept cab derives additional energy from solars panels on the roof, brake energy conversion, hydrogen fuel cells, and plug-in recharging. A light, strong steel body features seating for four people, an infotainment unit, a luggage compartment that slides out, and even a wheelchair ramp.

The TLC hasn’t announced when it will choose its taxi of tomorrow, but a sleek electric option sounds good to us
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