story developing

A possible ceasefire between Taliban commanders & Kabul government unfolding, as U.N. takes Hakim Moned off blacklist along with other Taliban Ministers. Inititated by Karzai in a new outreach program.

New ideas and its framework to be presented at the London summit .

United Nations has 140 blacklisted fighters, such as Abdul Qadeer. and Abdul Ghafoor, and Abdul Baqi.

Abdul Razaq and Abdul Manan were found on the same blacklist as efforts to get them around negotiating tables prove very dangerous in the past.

A former Taliban , Molvi Arsala Rahmani still on the blacklist is now a government minister for Kabul Government.

Japan to sponsor costs of integration upwards of 500 Million dollars.

Obama says America`s cost per soldier at ONE MILLION per soldier over next 12 months, suggests it might be much cheaper to buy the integration and a ceasefire between the government and sons of Afghanistan.

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