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4th Generation Warfare (4GW) used by USG to Attack Venezuela

By Makia Freeman on Mar 14, 2019 01:42 pm
4th generation warfare venezuela4th Generation Warfare (fourth-generation warfare or 4GW) is a term used to define the kind of war often waged in the 21st century by the USG (United States Government), the military wing of the NWO (New World Order). It blurs the lines between war and politics, and soldiers and civilians. It includes new forms of […]

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What’s up in emerging technology

An image of the Swiss flag flying in Basel

A major flaw has been found in Switzerland’s online voting system

A cryptographic trap door could let someone change votes cast using Switzerland’s online sVote system without being detected, according to a new paper.

Verification: The specific issue is the way the system receives and counts votes before shuffling them… Read more

Rep. Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Declare Specific Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Orgs

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair ‘Secretly Advising’ Macron on How to Stop Brexit

U.S. Demands North Korea Give Up All Nuclear Weapons Before Sanctions Relief

5G looks like it’s the next best thing in tech, but it’s really a Trojan horse for harming humanity

Many so-called “experts” are claiming that it’ll be a huge step forward for innovation in everything from manufacturing and transportation, to medicine and beyond. But in reality, 5G technology represents an existential threat to humanity – a “phony war” on the people who inhabit this planet we call Earth, and all in the name of “progress.”

NYT Suggests Border Emergency!

Nolte: NYT Says Border at â??Breaking Pointâ?? 1 Month After â??Fact Checkâ?? Claimed No Emergency

Trump announces plans to end $5.6 bn preferential trade programme for India


New York, March 5 (IANSUS President Donald Trump has announced that he was ending India‘s $5.6 billion trade concessions under the Generalised System of Preferences(GSP) programme accusing New Delhi of not providing Washington

equitable and reasonable access

to its markets.Trump, who is on a mission to expand

In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, a shrinking pro-freedom space

In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, a shrinking pro-freedom space

Politics in ‘Azad Jammu and Kashmir’ dominated by Pakistani national parties as pro-freedom voices struggle to be heard.

How Netanyahu’s embrace of the Israeli far right unmasked Zionism

The Israeli political elite has long tried to cover up its fascist views and practices. Today it no longer cares to.


Otzma Yehudit leader Michael Ben Ari stands next to far-right protesters as they burn a Palestinian flag during a demonstration in the West Bank on November 29, 2012 [File: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters]
Otzma Yehudit leader Michael Ben Ari stands next to far-right protesters as they burn a Palestinian flag during a demonstration in the West Bank on November 29, 2012 [File: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters]

In 1984, Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founding leader of the openly racist Kach party, managed to enter the Knesset aftersecuring some 26,000 votes. Despite his rising political profile, however, the far-right rabbi was not welcomed with open arms in the Israeli parliament – whenever he spoke, all the other 119 members of the Knesset (MKs) would walk out.

MKs were so disturbed by Kahane’s presence in the parliament that in August 1985 they even passed a revision to the Electoral Law which banned parties “inciting racism” – including Kach – from participating in future elections.

The problem was that this amendment also disqualified parties which opposed the existence of the Israeli state as a Jewish state. The second anti-racist law in 1986 was even worse. It exempted discrimination on the grounds of religion resulting in Kahane voting for it and the left in the Knesset voting against it!

However, the MKs’ vocal opposition to Kach had nothing to do with the racist ideology that was guiding the party. They were simply concerned about the damage Kach’s success could inflict on Israel’s image on the international arena– before the Supreme Court’s election ban, polls were predicting that the party could gain up to 12 seats in the 1988 elections.

Nevertheless, even if it was mostly for cosmetic reasons, back then, overt racism was still unacceptable in Israeli politics.

However, much has changed in the last 35 years.

Today, heirs of Kahane are being welcomed in by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. What was trefa (forbidden) yesterday, has become kosher today.

Netanyahu’s political calculations


WASHINGTON: SpaceX’s Dragon capsule- launched on a test mission for NASA- was on Sunday approaching the International Space Station, where it was set to dock for the first time.

Dragon was gradually climbing in altitude toward the ISS, which is orbiting the Earth at around 400 kilometers altitude and at a speed of


03/02/2019 / JD Heyes

Trump’s Surprising New Ally in Mexico? The Government

President Trump's image was everywhere at CPAC this week, including a mural-sized painting on display

MEXICO CITY — Mexican officials are carrying out the Trump administration’s immigration agenda across broad stretches of the border, undercutting the Mexican government’s promises to defend migrants and support their search for a better life.

The Mexican authorities are blocking groups of migrants at border towns, refusing to allow them onto international bridges to apply for asylum in the United States, intercepting unaccompanied minors before they can reach American soil, and helping to manage lists of asylum seekers on behalf of the American authorities to limit the number of people crossing the border.

Trump Lost Nothing in Hanoi

By | February 28th, 2019

When Donald J. Trump took office in January 2017, the outgoing Obama Administration national security team cautioned Trump’s transition team that North Korea was a significant nuclear threat. Obama White House officials explained how North Korea’s leaders had built up their nascent nuclear arsenal. Since at least 2013, the Obama Administration knew about the rising threat of a potentially nuclear-armed North Korea and did nothing.

It was not a matter of ignorance; it was a matter of indifference on the part of former President Barack Obama and his national security team. Obama—the man who the media claimed was the smartest of all of America’s presidents—likely had no idea how to mitigate the North Korean threat and therefore didn’t even try.

 Londoner: Julian Assange closer to a journey home

Julian Assange receives Australian passport enabling him to return home / David Natzler incites anger with Jimmy Savile comment / Brits backing Brit Olivia Colman for Oscar glory / ‘Carry On, Brexit’ at Gare Du Midi…


Julian Assange

Julian Assange ( Getty Images )

Staff at the Ecuadorian Embassy have cause for celebration today with the news that they may finally be rid of their long-term house guest  Julian Assange.

The Australian government has confirmed that the  WikiLeaks founder has a new Australian passport after  years without one, and could now return to his  home country.

Report: Beijing Runs Unannounced South China Sea Military Drills

Report: Beijing Runs Unannounced South China Sea Military Drills

May Visits Brussels To Try And Salvage Her Brexit Deal With European Commission Chief

Prince William, Prince Harry To Split Royal Household:

The report had stated that the division will happen before the birth of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s first child this spring.