World Now # 29


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A federal appeals court said on Thursday a woman in Michigan was protected by the Constitution after flipping off a police officer, according to National Public


Voa News | 2019-03-15

Hundreds of thousands of people crammed into central Algiers on Friday, Reuters witnesses said, in the biggest protests against PresidentAbdelaziz Bouteflika‘s


Newsweek | 2019-03-15

Returning to Earth from the International Space StationCanadian astronaut Chris Hadfieldremarked how making the right decision is vital in high pressure


The Independent | 2019-03-15

Donald Trump has said “there should be no Mueller report” in a series of tweets denouncing the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russianinterference in the


Wtop | 2019-03-15

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s Socialist government has set June 10 as the date for relocating the remains of dictator Gen. Francisco Franco from a


Scotsman | 2019-03-15

Britain’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid has criticised an Australian Senator who appeared to suggest that Muslim immigration was the cause of a mass shooting


Wtop | 2019-03-15

WASHINGTON (AP) — John BoltonPresidentDonald Trump’s national security adviser, says North Korea’s allegations that he and Secretary of State