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Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely: 5G project, says authorities, not compatible with radiation safety standards

Image: Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely: 5G project, says authorities, not compatible with radiation safety standards

(Natural News) In the next year, preliminary 5G networks are set to roll out in China, the United States, South Korea, and Japan. In the next seven years, operators are projected to invest over $1 trillion to expand 5G wireless technology. With 5G, the telecom industry promises instant connectivity, paving the way for “smart cities.” 5G is a Big Tech dream come true – a data collection boon that will tie all internet-connected devices together and increase connectivity speeds up to 1000 times greater than existing 4G networks. As investors scramble to get a piece of the 5G pie, the technology is not projected for deployment in every first-world country, nor will it be accepted by every big city.

Brussels to halt 5G rollout over severe human health risks

In fact, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Céline Fremault, has vowed to halt 5G deployment. “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit,” states Fremault in an interview with L’Echo. “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not.”

No exceptions will be made in Brussels. Fremault warns that 5G violates Belgian radiation safety standards. Fremault is heeding the warning of over 240 scientists and doctors from over 41 nations who have published research documenting the harmful effects of 5G radiation on all biological life. These scientists have appealed to the United Nations, calling for a moratorium on 5G. The adverse effects of radio-frequency and millimeter waves on human and environmental health are well documented. 5G radiation has been shown to cause changes in bacterial growth, neuropyshiatric effects, DNA damage, and even cancer. Permissive countries (that sacrifice the health of their population) only consider the thermal effects of 5G. There’s much more to 5G radiation than that.


Trump Administration Announces Rule to Enable Detaining Immigrant Families Indefinitely

August 21, 2019

The Trump administration announced on Aug. 21 a new rulethat replaces the Flores agreement, which has long guided how long immigrant families who cross the border illegally into the United States can be held.

What’s Wrong with Biden? Biden Says MLK, RFK Were Assassinated in ‘the Late 70’s’ (VIDEO)

What’s Wrong with Biden? Biden Says MLK, RFK Were Assassinated in ‘the Late 70’s’ (VIDEO)

‘Stardust’: First Look At Johnny Flynn As David Bowie In Music Biopic

Paul Van Carter

Here’s a first look at Johnny Flynn (Beast) as the late music icon David Bowie in biopic Stardust.

Set in 1971, the UK film follows a 24 year old Bowie as he embarks on his first road trip to America with struggling publicist Ron Oberman (Marc Maron). During the journey Bowie discovers his alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

Gabriel Range (I Am Slave) directs from a script written by Christopher Bell (Netflix’s The Last Czars). Co-starring are Jena Malone (Nocturnal Animals) as Bowie’s wife Angie and Maron (Joker).

Produced by Paul Van Carter and Nick Taussig of Salon Pictures, the film is being sold globally by Film Constellation. Christopher Figg of Piccadilly Pictures is co-financing.

Trump Highlights Research Showing Google Shifted Millions of Votes to Clinton in 2016

President Donald Trump drew attention to research that shows the sway Google holds over election results, after a …

Heavy elements in space – where did they come from?

An international team led by Goethe University in Germany has successfully converted xenon ions into the heavy element cesium. The results, which appeared in Physical Review Letters, was the first to replicate this phenomenon in a controlled environment.

A matter of stardust

President Trump: “Journalism” Has Reached New Low – Nothing More than an “Evil Propaganda Machine for Democrat Party”

President Trump: “Journalism” Has Reached New Low – Nothing More than an “Evil Propaganda Machine for Democrat Party”

‘Anarchy and Chaos’: Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland…

‘Anarchy and Chaos’: Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland


Trump Calls Out Antifa as Starbucks Closes Shop in Portland Ahead of  Violent Clashes

August 17, 2019

Andy Ngo, a Portland-based journalist, is seen covered in an unknown substance after being attacked by Antifa in Portland, Oregon, on June 29, 2019. (Moriah Ratner/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump said that officials are mulling designating Antifa a terror group ahead of a planned rally in Portland that officials feared would devolve into violence.

Over 700 People Arrested By Hong Kong Police Since Protests Started

Underage student held for 10 hours, denied phone calls

August 16, 2019

Over 700 people have been arrested in connection with the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and many of them are underage.


Release of official autopsy showing broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck is all the proof we need that he’s still ALIVE… here’s why

Image: Release of official autopsy showing broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck is all the proof we need that he’s still ALIVE… here’s why

(Natural News) The bombshell news for today is that the official autopsy results for Jeffrey Epstein have been released. According to mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post — a mouthpiece for the deep state — Jeffrey Epstein’s neck bones were broken in a manner that is consistent with strangulation. As reported by True Pundit:

An autopsy found that financier Jeffrey Epstein sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones, according to two people familiar with the findings, deepening the mystery about the circumstances around his death. Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple. Jonathan Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, said a hyoid can be broken in many circumstances, but is more commonly associated with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging.

Remember, this is what the establishment wants the public to believe. It’s the “official” finding. The establishment, in other words, wants the public to believe that Jeffrey Epstein was likely murdered, since that’s what the autopsy evidence strongly supports.

But why would the establishment want the public to believe Epstein was murdered when it’s so much easier to simply announce he committed suicide?

The first casualty of the government’s info war is the truth

Don’t think for a minute that autopsies of such high profile deaths are carried out with a sense of “transparency” or truth. It’s all about shaping the message for a strategic purpose. And this autopsy in particular was carried out by Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson with Dr. Michael Baden observing. Dr. Michael Baden is, of course, the very same person who oversaw the autopsy of JFK after he was shot and killed by the deep state in 1963. (Yes, Dr. Baden’s career spans many decades.) Dr. Baden was also involved in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. investigation and even served as an expert witness in the defense of O.J. Simpson. (Source)

If you think Dr. Michael Baden isn’t connected to the highest levels of globalist deep state power, you’re clueless about the history of the world in which you live.

If the establishment wants you to think Jeffrey Epstein is dead, it’s only because he isn’t dead. He’s still alive, and he has obviously been moved to another location to be grilled by the people who now have him. The only real question is: Who carried out the body swap?

The evidence leans toward a military team operating under the orders of President Trump. Jeffrey Epstein was rescued, the theory goes, so that his testimony could be secured to help bring down the deep state. Jeffrey Epstein can name names, and he no doubt has elaborate records and video files showing the world’s powerful elite having sex with under age girls (or boys). A clever blackmailer like Epstein would have obviously made multiple copies of this evidence and hidden those copied in many locations, probably connected to a “dead man’s switch” that would release files if he doesn’t check back in from time to time. (h/t to Dave Hodges at who knows even more about this than I. He and I recorded a one-hour talk about all this last night, and the recording will be posted soon as his website.)

The proper way to set this up, by the way, is to digitize all the video files and encrypt the files using strong encryption. The decryption key is placed under the control of an unaffiliated third party who is instructed to post the decryption keys in a public forum if the original control person (Epstein) doesn’t check in and provide a password or proof of life every 48 – 72 hours. Simultaneously, independent teams that are tasked with holding the encrypted files are instructed to watch various public forums for keyword-triggered postings of a decryption key. If such a key appears, they are instructed to decrypt the files they posses using the decryption key that has been publicly posted. Once the decryption is complete, they are instructed to post the decrypted video files to various locations which may include video sites, 4chan, reddit, etc. This is the basic structure of a so-called “dead man’s switch” involving digital files.

Once you understand this, it’s not difficult to realize that kidnapping and torturing Jeffrey Epstein would give you control over the dead man’s switch. Under duress, Epstein could either be forced to prevent the release of the files, or to trigger their release, depending on what the kidnapping party wants to see happen.

The fact that no bombshell video files or other evidence hasn’t yet been publicly released is very nearly proof that Epstein is still alive. In fact, it’s strong evidence that Epstein is being allowed to (or forced to) reset the countdown triggers on the dead man switches.

Two scenarios are now possible, depending on which party took Epstein alive

Now, the only question is who has him? Is it the Trump camp, or the Clinton camp?

If Trump operatives have Epstein, the play book runs like this:

Step 1: FAKE the autopsy and report to the world that Epstein was murdered or “suicided.”

Step 2: FORCE Epstein to keep resetting his dead man switches so that blackmail evidence doesn’t get publicly released yet, providing time for Trump’s military operatives to interview Epstein on camera and gather bombshell evidence that names deep state Democrats as child sex predators.

Step 3: PROTECT Epstein until he can testify in court. Continue to promote the narrative that Epstein has been killed, thereby dissuading the Clinton deep state from trying to find him and murder him.

Step 4: At some point, ALLOW Epstein’s files to be released by blocking him from resetting the dead man switches. The timing of this is crucial. It must happen near the time that Epstein’s newly-recorded video testimony is also released to the world, probably around the time the DOJ files criminal charges against deep state Democrats.

If Clinton operatives have Epstein, the play book runs like this:

Step 1: TORTURE Epstein to force him to reset his dead man switches every 48 hours or so, thereby preventing the release of his blackmail files.

Step 2: KEEP TORTURING Epstein in an effort to get him to disclose his dead man switch contacts in the hopes of tracking them down and disabling those switches.

Step 3: FIND all the blackmail material and destroy it. This is the job of the FBI, of course, which now exists as the “Clinton crimes cover-up committee” which is the whole point of the FBI recently raiding Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island.” The goal wasn’t to find evidence of crimes, but to destroy evidence of crimes. (The FBI is now totally corrupt and functions as a criminal crime syndicate.)

Step 4: MURDER Epstein and dump his body somewhere that it will never be found.

Bottom line? If the Clinton deep state operatives have Epstein, he’s probably having his skin peeled off right now. If Trump operatives have Epstein, he’s probably being interviewed and interrogated to divulge everything he knows. That evidence would likely be timed to coincidence with the coming DOJ criminal indictments of corrupt deep state officials like James Comey and John Brennan.

Either way, Jeffrey Epstein is going to burn in Hell. The only question is whether some of the other Demoncrats will join him after being exposed for the sicko pedophiles they truly are.

Let us hope Trump’s people have Epstein. Presently, I give that about 70/30 odds.

Or, I suppose, you could just believe the official story and conclude that the government always tells you the truth. Yeah, and JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, too, and Oklahoma City was carried out by Timothy McVeigh. If you believe all that, you’ll probably believe anything the government tells you. So take your vaccine shots, eat your GMOs and trust Google on everything. You don’t believe in “conspiracy theories,” remember? And there’s a chemotherapy clinic waiting for you, too, so that your brain can be damaged to the point where you don’t even remember what it’s like to be a free citizen.

Apple’s new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters… AVOID all Apple products or be irradiated

Image: Apple’s new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters… AVOID all Apple products or be irradiated

(Natural News) Will Apple slow down LTE networks on purpose to influence their customers to switch to 5G-compatible phones in 2020? With over a million 5G cell towers getting installed as you read this, at least three of Apple’s iPhones coming out in 2020 will support 5G. Will any American have the choice NOT to be radiated to death slowly by the Apple iPhone cell mutation complex? While Bill Gates pushes for more population control across planet Earth, from vaccines in Africa to 5G cell towers just a stone’s throw from kids playing in their own yards, America is quickly becoming the sickest industrialized nation from the ultra-high frequency and intensity of their smart phones.

Even if the price of Android 5G phones drops, most people’s medical bills will skyrocket, and no medical doctor in the U.S.A. will dare blame the vaccines or the 5G network. Heck, if you post anything on social media now that bad-mouths the 5G platform you get banned, blocked and blacklisted. Don’t you know Mark Zuckerberg is sitting right next to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos at the round table discussion about you.

Yes, we’re talking about you. You, the dumbed-down customer who must have a faster phone – the one you keep next to your head, in your pocket or pocket book, on your hip, or the one two inches from your kid’s faces while they play games relentlessly.

Wide range of 5G networks may skyrocket cancer cases in just months



FBI raids Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island

Agents arrive on island, as expert says financier’s death could lessen legal issues with evidence FBI agents have raided Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean, in a further sign the death…

Jeffrey Epstein Sexual Abuse US Crime

Chinese Architecture, a Miniature of the Cosmos

August 13, 2019

Corner tower of the Forbidden City, Beijing. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Modern architecture juts into the sky, declaring its dominance over us mere humans. It doesn’t connect us with the heavens; it seems to challenge heaven for a fight.

Something Big Seems To Be Going Down Near Area 51 This Weekend

Various pieces of information point to some important and secretive testing taking place in the Nevada Test and Training Range over the weekend.

The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) seems to be hosting a significant test—or tests—of some sort this weekend, at least according to fragmented reports from various sources. Keep in mind, the nature of the topic makes attempting to draw any hard conclusions as to what exactly is afoot in the large swathes of cordoned off airspace that sit over southern Nevada a grossly speculative game that isn’t really the purpose of this post. With that in mind, here is what we hearing.


August 2019

Geoengineering taking place in America’s skies may be responsible for many of the “natural disasters” that many blame on “climate change”. Dane Wigington of joins Owen to discuss these changes and what you can expect to come soon.



Art as Medicine

Mindfulness increases health and happiness and getting creative can help us experience it

Dark chocolates relieves systems of depression and anxiety

Published  Aug 5, 2019,

Studies reveal that dark chocolate reduces depression.

Chocolate, dark chocolate has a higher concentration of flavonoids, antioxidant chemicals which have been shown to improve inflammatory profiles. (Photo: ANI)

 Chocolate, dark chocolate has a higher concentration of flavonoids, antioxidant chemicals which have been shown to improve inflammatory profiles. (Photo: ANI)

Washington: Eating dark chocolate may positively affect mood and relieve depression symptoms, found a recent study looking at whether different types of chocolate are associated with mood disorders.

The study performed at UCL and published in the journal ‘Depression and Anxiety,’ is the first to examine the association with depression according to the type of chocolate consumed. Researchers assessed data from 13,626 adults from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Participants’ chocolate consumption was assessed against their scores on the Patient Health Questionnaire, which assesses depressive symptoms.


Epstein Documents Hit; Accuser Says Trump ‘Didn’t Partake In Any Sex With Any Of Us’

“Donald Trump never flirted with me.



Oops! Twitter ‘sorry’ for sharing user data with advertisers without permission. What’s new?

Oops! Twitter ‘sorry’ for sharing user data with advertisers without permission. What’s new?

Another day, another social media platform issuing an apology for sharing users’ data without permission. Twitter is the latest to “discover” that some of its settings went awry and shared private information for ad targeting.

Illegals Reportedly Exploiting Loophole To Enter US, Border Patrol Says Someone in Congress Is Helping

A disturbing new report says that a current U.S. lawmaker is potentially helping thousands of asylum seekers — who were returned back to Mexico while they await their court hearing — re-enter the United States by exploiting a loophole in the system.

According to the Washington Examiner, the National Border Patrol Council’s El Paso chapter, along with several U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, claim that aides to Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar are coaching those returned to Mexico under the “remain in Mexico” policy on how to come back to the U.S.

The disturbing loophole in the law essentially says that if a person is returned back to Mexico to await their asylum hearing and can’t speak Spanish, they’re allowed to come back to the United States.

UNESCO sent a letter to Peru on Friday which demanded more information about plans to construct a new airport near the legendary site of Machu Picchu, which had more than 1.5 million visitors in 2017, according to The Guardian.

Machu Picchu has become Peru’s largest tourist attraction but UNESCO said Peru has a primary obligation to protect the world heritage site, particularly Chinchero, the historic village in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, where the new airport is being built.

The letter says Peru must coordinate their plans with UNESCO on any construction that would impact Machu Picchu or Cusco’s historic center, which is also a world heritage site.

A spokesperson for Peru’s ministry of culture said it would reply by 25 August, the date set by Unesco to receive an official response.

Dozens of historians, archeologists, and anthropologists have signed a letter asking Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra to halt the construction plans for the billion-dollar international airport.

“This is a built landscape; there are terraces and routes which were designed by the Incas,” says Natalia Majluf, a Peruvian art historian at Cambridge University who has organized a petition against the new airport. “Putting an airport here would destroy it.”

Most Machu Picchu visitors now come through Cusco airport, which only has one runway and is limited to narrow-bodied aircraft coming in through nearby cities such as Lima and La Paz, Bolivia.

But the new airport would be large enough to accommodate larger flights coming in directly from across the United States and Latin America.

Critics of the plan said the flight patterns would pass directly over Ollantaytambo and its 134 sq mile (348 sq km) archeological park and could lead to irreparable damages to the Inca ruins.

Environmentalists are also concerned the construction could damage the watershed of Lake Piuray, which Cusco residents rely on for half of its water supply.

“It seems ironic and in a way contradictory that here, just 20 minutes from the Sacred Valley, the nucleus of the Inca culture, they want to build an airport – right on top of exactly what the tourists have come here to see,” said the Cusco-based anthropologist Pablo Del Valle.


Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

The official news narrative about the El Paso WalMart mass shooting is largely fabricated. Even though the violence was real, and people were really shot and killed, the narrative surrounding the tragedy is almost all fiction.

Five huge questions are screaming out for real answers:

#1) If there’s only one shooter, why did so many eyewitnesses report multiple shootersat the scene?

#2) Why did the local police arrest and hold three suspects in custody, as was widely reported by the media before the story was changed to a “lone shooter?”

#3) Why does the so-called “manifesto” appear to be written by someone far older than 21 years of age? (Answer: The manifesto is a hoax. It was not written by the individual who was arrested as the shooter.)

#4) How does one man kill 20 people and wound another 30 people with a single magazine that only holds 30 rounds? The surveillance photo shows no chest rig, no battle belt and no spare magazines.

#5) If the shooter is on a suicide mission, why does he bother to wear both eye protection and ear protection? Answer: Because he knows he will survive his “mission” and be taken into custody after surrendering to police. It wasn’t a suicide mission at all. Eighteen months from now, the world will have forgotten the name of the shooter, and the media will never report anything about him again. (He will likely be relocated under the witness protection program, living under a new identity after having completed his “mission” for the deep state.)

BONUS QUESTION: If you hate illegals and want to protect America, why would you mass murder Americans shopping in an American store? Wouldn’t you theoretically want to target illegal aliens if that’s who you want to destroy? Nearly all the people who were shot were Americans. It makes no sense to hate illegals and then turn around and mass murder Americans.

ONE MORE QUESTION: Why was the shooter’s online profile changed from “Democrat” to Republican / Trump supporter / QAnon follower? Clearly the deep state is modifying his online profile to match their own conspiracy theories and official narratives about QAnon followers being “domestic terrorists.” This is Orwellian-level psyop stuff being run on the entire nation…

In summary, the official narrative doesn’t add up. In fact, it’s all a “staged violence” event which combines real violence with a fake narrative to achieve a specific political purpose. In this case, the goal is the complete disarmament of the American people, blaming Trump for everything and positioning illegals as “victims” of a mass shooting when, in reality, it was Americans who were actually shot.

Watch this exclusive Brighteon video for more:


20 Dead, 26 Wounded in El Paso Walmart Shooting — Single Shooter in Custody

El Paso Walmart Shooting
(Briana Sanchez/The El Paso Times via AP

Police in El Paso, Texas, report 20 people died in a shooting at an area Walmart store Saturday morning. Earlier in the day, officials walked back their multi-shooter and gang-related terrorism statements. Officials say one suspect is in custody. El Paso police called an alleged manifesto a “potential nexus to a hate crime

Trump’s China Stance Wins 2020

BREAKING: Unbelievable! Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Clinton Erase and Bleachbit Data Off Laptops and Hammer Phones

BREAKING: Unbelievable! Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Clinton Erase and Bleachbit Data Off Laptops and Hammer Phones

Strange sonic waves in Cuba linked to brain damage – is this what we all have to look forward to once 5G is rolled out?

The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) speaks to media on Capitol Hill

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) speaks to media on Capitol Hill on June 27, (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It doesn’t take Nostradamus, or even a Coney Island fortune teller, to predict the coming Democratic presidential debates will be filled to overflowing with accusations of racism toward Donald Trump.

Not only that, the candidates will certainly be doing their bests, directly or by innuendo, to tarnish each other with the same ugly brush in an almost always fallacious manner. But when it comes to the real, down-home, George-Wallace-Segregation-Now-Segregation-Forever racial bigotry, it will be Donald Trump by a landslide. To them, POTUS is the big, bad, racist wolf.

This is, will be, and has been from the beginning one of the purest examples of projection since Sigmund Freud described this form of psychological hysteria in The Neuro-Psychoses of Defence (1894).

The Democrats are the true racists. The more they and their press lackeys call others racist, the more racist they are — and the more racism they generate. These days one might as well call the Democratic Party The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Racism.

While banning all conservatives, Twitter openly allows extremely graphic, blood-filled images depicting the murder of President Trump

It should be patently obvious by now that the Marxists who run the social media behemoths don’t employ the same community standards with their own like-minded users that they do with conservatives.

Leftists who share like-minded political views with the tech giants are free to say and post whatever they want when the content is disparaging and even threatening to conservatives and right-leaning political figures. 

But conservatives, meanwhile, cannot even post honest, factual things that are critical about Leftists and their political views without being challenged, having their content removed, or being banned from the platform altogether.

Case in point: Twitter has allowed a user to post an extremely graphic image of POTUS Trump being murdered, while conservatives who once used the platform have been permanently banned for far, far less, notes independent journalist Laura Loomer.