Nov 252019
US citizens are distracted by the many acts of the carnival while their nation and their children’s futures are being stolen

Google has “a chokehold on all human information” and an evil, twisted agenda to destroy human dignity and ERASE human knowledge 11/25/2019 / By Ethan Huff Conservative click to continue reading

Nov 162019
Artificial Intelligence’ Warfare to Threaten ........

Visitors look at an AI (Artificial Inteligence) security software program on a screen at the 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security at click to continue reading

Sep 282019
Mitt Romney Bain Capital Crimes and Unethical Deals

AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA Citizens Addicted to Truth MITT ROMNEY: JUST ANOTHER CORRUPT BUSH SON The idea that the corporate media is floating about Mitt Romney click to continue reading

Sep 092019
China is using fentanyl as a “very effective tool against America

Firefighters help an overdose victim in Rockford, Illinois, on July 14, 2017. (Scott Olson/Getty Images) CHINA China Is Using Fentanyl as ‘Chemical Warfare,’ Experts Say click to continue reading

Sep 092019
SPOOKS IN THE CLOUDS;  The Challenge to America

Attendees visit a Huawei exhibition stand during the Consumer Electronics Expo in Beijing, China on Aug. 2, 2019. (Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images) THINKING ABOUT CHINA Is click to continue reading

Sep 062019
Wall construction on the US-Mexico border seen from Chihuahua State in Mexico

Picture of the wall construction on the US-Mexico border seen from Chihuahua State in Mexico, approximately 100 km from the city of Ciudad Juarez, on click to continue reading

Sep 052019
Serious Ambitions to Create a Lunar Settlement.

Photographer: Laurent Emmanuel/ The Silicon Valley Heavyweights Who Want to Settle the Moon By Ashlee Vance September 5, 2019,  0862083D PLANET LABS INC Private Company click to continue reading

Aug 012019
The mass dumbing down of humanity is being deliberately accelerated

  Mobile phones and 5G networks are accelerating the mass dumbing down of humanity… and it’s all by design 07/31/2019 / By Mike Adams The mass dumbing click to continue reading

Jul 112019
Google exposes itself as pro-pedophilia, pro-child abuse.....

Google exposes itself as pro-pedophilia, pro-child abuse by opposing sex trafficking laws that would protect children 07/10/2019 / By Ethan Huff A child protection bill with broad click to continue reading

Jun 172017
Globalist organizations like Google, Amazon and Facebook are all about enslaving humanity and stripping you of knowledge, dignity and health.

A convergence of EVIL: Google, Amazon and Facebook use technology to enslave humanity, suppress knowledge and accelerate human suffering By: Mike Adams Date: June 17, click to continue reading

Feb 162016
The world is in the grip of a structural war against people, land, economies and ecosystems

  Arms, Agribusiness, Finance and Fossil Fuels: The Four Horsemen of the Neoliberal Apocalypse By Colin Todhunter Global Research, February 15, 2016 The Ecologist 15 click to continue reading

Nov 282014
Asymmetric means:  Russia, China, And Iran Are Mastering Unconventional Warfare

  US PARATROOPERS   Russia, China, Iran, and Islamists are waging unconventional warfare around the world, and the United States currently lacks a clear strategy click to continue reading

Jun 302014
Licensed To Kill:   Powerful and Secretive forces emerge from the U.S. military-industrial complex

  WASHINGTON — Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security click to continue reading

Mar 262012
Massive CoverUp In Japan`s Nuclear Dumping:  FUKUSHIMA  Years Later " YOU CAN NOT HANDLE THE TRUTH "

Fukushima Chiefs: The Technology Needed To Decommission  China-Syndromed Reactors Doesn’t Exist … Maybe In 200 Years? Updated 4/9/2015 Preface: As you read this post, please click to continue reading