World Now #31


Federal News Radio | 2019-05-23

BERLIN (AP) — A senior German diplomat is in Tehran to press Iran to continue to respect the landmark nuclear deal, despite the unilateral withdrawal of the


The Manila Times | 2019-05-23

JEFFERSON CITY: A “violent tornado” touched down in Jefferson City, Missouri, causing heavy damage, according to the National Weather Service, but there were no


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-23

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Two men detained by Indonesian police for rioting this week were part of a group that had pledged support to


The Times of India | 2019-05-23

Allies of prime minister Theresa May expect her to resign by the end of the week. The prime minister will meet with the chair of the 1922 Committee of


Deccan Chronicle | 2019-05-23

BrasiliaBrazilian President Jair Bolsonaro surmounted a crucial hurdle for his young government on Wednesday by winning approval from disgruntled lower house


CNN | 2019-05-23

(CNN)Botswana has scrapped its ban on elephant hunting, citing an increase in conflicts between the animals and humans during the five years the rule was in

New York Times | 2019-05-23

The celebrity chef faces a criminal assault charge related to an allegation that he groped and kissed a woman. His lawyer said he denies the allegation. ...

The National | 2019-05-22

Plastic straws, drink stirrers, and plastic-stemmed cotton buds will be banned in England from next April. It follows a government consultation into the


This is Money | 2019-05-22

President Donald Trump has effectively banned US companies from supplying Huawei and affiliates with the critical components that have helped it grow into the


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-22

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland’s nationalist ruling party leader said political groupings in some European Union states, including Marine Le Pen‘s party in


The Guardian | 2019-05-22

One of Africa’s best-known authors and gay rights activists died on Tuesday after an illness One of Africa’s best-known authors and gay rights activists,


The Oklahoman | 2019-05-22

PARIS (AP) — Libyan commander Khalifa Hifter is in Paris for meetings with French PresidentEmmanuel Macron amid growing international concern about his

ABC7 | 2019-05-22

WASHINGTON — More Democrats are calling – and more loudly – for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump after his latest defiance of Congress by

The Guardian | 2019-05-22

Europol says group was involved in drug and cigarette trafficking and assassinations Policehave arrested 22 suspects in an operation across five countries that


The Independent | 2019-05-20

The Queen expressed support for EU integrationat a historic meeting with German diplomats, a declassified account of a meeting shows. A diplomatic cable


This is Money | 2019-05-20

JOHANNESBURG, May 20 (Reuters) – Jacob Zuma‘s lawyers argued on Monday that the former South African president had been treated unfairly by prosecutors in his


Arabian Business | 2019-05-20

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s party said Monday that exit polls from the country’s marathon election showed an “overwhelming” vote in favour of a second


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-05-20

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harrisis unveiling a pay inequity proposal that aims to close the gender pay gap by holding corporations accountable


Gulf News | 2019-05-20

Berlin: They deny global warming, oppose wind farms, defend diesel engines and coal mines, and mock teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as a green “cult”


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-20

MADRID (Reuters) – Five jailed Catalan separatists elected to parliament last month picked up their credentials as lawmakers on Monday amid high security after


This is Money | 2019-05-20

By Omar Rajarathnam and Shihar Aneez COLOMBO, May 20 (Reuters) – After coming under fire for not acting on warnings about Easterbombings that killed more than



This is Money | 2019-05-19

Two of Madonna‘s dancers are seen side-by-side with Israeli and Palestinian flags on their backs during her performance at Eurovision Israeli Culture Minister


The Independent | 2019-05-19

Elizabeth Warren seems to have a plan for everything, and she wants everyone to know it. Speaking to a crowd of teachers and students at a recent campaign


Federal News Radio | 2019-05-19

LILONGWE, Malawi (AP) — Corruption and the need for economic growth are the main campaign issues as Malawi goes to the polls on Tuesday for a presidential..


The Independent | 2019-05-18

Austria will hold a snap election at the earliest possible date, Sebastian Kurz has said after his vice chancellor was forced to resign amid a scandal | 2019-05-18

BEIJING, May 18 (Xinhua) — Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the United States not to go too far in its damaging moves against Chinese


This is Money | 2019-05-18

By Crispian Balmer MILAN, May 18 (Reuters) – Nationalist and far-right parties from across Europe held a rally on Saturday, led by ItalianDeputy Prime Minister


WPTV | 2019-05-18

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Porn actress Stormy Danielshas agreed to dismiss a lawsuit that accused her former lawyer of colluding with President Donald Trump‘s former



This is Money | 2019-05-18

BUENOS AIRES, May 18 (Reuters) – Argentina‘s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will run as a vice presidential candidate in elections later this year, a surprise


The Manila Times | 2019-05-18

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: US diplomats warned on Saturday that commercial airliners flying over the wider Persian Gulf faced a risk of being “misidentified”


Suryaa | 2019-05-18

Colombo, May 18 (IANS) As Sri Lanka on Saturday marked the 10-year anniversary since its brutal civil war came to an end, the country finds itself again at


Metro UK | 2019-05-18

Brexit Shadow Secretary Sir Keir Starmer has urged Theresa May to hold a second referendum to break the parliamentary deadlock (Picture: PA/Getty) Sir Keir


RTE | 2019-05-18

Just days before key EU electionsAustria‘s coalition government has been plunged into crisis on as far-right party leader and Vice-Chancellor


Wtop | 2019-05-18

MILAN (AP) — The leader of France’s far-right National Rally is predicting that a group of like-minded right-wing populists will achieve “an



The Times of India | 2019-05-17

KHARTOUM: Hundreds of demonstrators worked through the night into Friday clearing away bricks and debris, after military rulers demanded that roadblocks which


Stars and Stripes | 2019-05-17

RABAT, Morocco — The North African kingdom of Morocco is using new tactics to cut into the surge of migrants seeking to use it as a springboard to get to


Wtop | 2019-05-17

PARIS (AP) — The French leader of the 2014 attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels has been transferred to France in relation to the hostage taking of French


This is Money | 2019-05-17

By Katharine Houreld NAIROBI, May 17 (Reuters) – Somali Islamist insurgents are making their own explosives, according to a confidential U.N. report seen by


Wtop | 2019-05-17

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Egypt has deported 33 Sudanese migrants who were trying to reach Libya to head onward to EuropeCairo airport officials said on Friday the


Xinhua | 2019-05-17

TOKYO, May 17 (Xinhua) — Japanese prosecutors will not indict Nissan Motor Co. CEO Hiroto Saikawa for violating Japan‘s financial instruments law following


This is Money | 2019-05-17

ANKARA, May 17 (Reuters) – Turkey‘s government aims to pass an economic legislation package ahead of next month’s renewed Istanbul mayoral election, the



Christ-like figure appears in clouds over Argentina sparking religious frenzy

Monica Aramayo was in San Salvador de Jujuy when she noticed the shining holy figure

THIS amateur photographer’s prayers were answered when she snapped this perfectly-timed picture of what appears to be Jesus Christ with his arms out.

Monica Aramayo was in San Salvador de Jujuy in Argentina when she noticed the holy figure shining through the thick clouds.


The picture which has since gone viral also appeared to show “Jesus” wearing a crown.

Gulf News | 2019-05-16

ManilaThe Philippines has recalled some of its diplomats from Canada amid Ontario’s slow action on the return of containers-load of trash a Canadian firm


The Irish Times | 2019-05-16

Brussels has fined Barclays, RBSCitigroupJPMorgan and MUFG just over €1 billion for participating in cartels to manipulate the foreign exchange market for


Gulf News | 2019-05-16

New DelhiExternal Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Wednesday that Modi government is the first government after Independence to have six women Cabinet


Voa News | 2019-05-16

Sudan&aposs ruling military council has suspended talks with civilian protest leaders on a transitional government after at least eight people were wounded in


The National Herald | 2019-05-16

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president, adding his name to an


Newsweek | 2019-05-16

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French far-right party National Rally, denied knowing that the hand signshe made in a recent photo with a white nationalist


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-05-16

Tommy Robinson is being sued for £100,000 over comments about a Syrian refugee who was filmed being attacked in a school playground, the boy’s lawyer has said.