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Jan 132020
Did Obama get away with treason? And the answer to that question appears to be a solid yes.

Health Ranger warned in 2017 that Obama was a “sleeper cell” committing treason with Iran Friday, January 10, 2020 by: Ethan Huff Tags: barack obama, Barry Soetoro, corruption, deception, Iran, national security, Obama, politics, sleeper click to continue reading

Jan 042020
5G world’s most invasive surveillance network

Brighteon Films posts new 5G mini-documentary that warns humanity about the imminent danger of 5G cell towers Friday, January 03, 2020 by: Mike Adams Tags: 5g, badcancer, badhealth, badmedicine, badpollution, badscience, Big Tech, cell click to continue reading

Dec 312019
FBI Allowed Over 4,000 American Soliders And Contractors To Die

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room     SORCHA: “Ghastly Documents Prove FBI Allowed Over 4,000 American Soliders And Contractors To Die Because They Hated Trump” click to continue reading

Dec 272019
The majority of Gold Deep Storage Vault Compartments have been “re-opened” for unknown or dubious reason

In my previous post, from March 2018, on the audits of US official gold reserves, I have exposed that during the audit procedures of the US official click to continue reading

Dec 202019
The Winds of Change Arriving With Gusting Forces

  Fulford full newsletter: “Antarctica is under lockdown as secret space program unveiling begins” Date: Thursday, 20-Dec-2019 updated Source: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December 17, 2019 click to continue reading

Nov 252019
US citizens are distracted by the many acts of the carnival while their nation and their children’s futures are being stolen

Google has “a chokehold on all human information” and an evil, twisted agenda to destroy human dignity and ERASE human knowledge 11/25/2019 / By Ethan Huff Conservative click to continue reading