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Feb 262019
It’s hard to imagine how conservatives could be even more complacent than they actually are about what’s being done to this country.

Time for Action: Chase Bank Denies    Service to Conservatives BY JOHN HAWKINS FEBRUARY 24, 2019 CHAT 929 COMMENTS People arrive at JPMorgan Chase headquarters in New York. (AP click to continue reading

Feb 252019
Great civilizations are not murdered. Instead, they take their own lives

Studying the demise of historic civilizations can tell us how much risk we face today, says collapse expert Luke Kemp. Worryingly, the signs are worsening click to continue reading

Jan 282019
Fighting for America now appears to be the only remaining way to save America

ANALYSIS: To save America, Trump must declare a “New American Revolution” Sunday, January 27, 2019 by: Mike Adams Tags: corruption, deep state, elections, FBI, freedom, James Comey, lawless, libarty, politics, President Trump, revolution, Robert Mueller, Roger Stone, Second Amendment, truth, Tyranny, uprising, We The click to continue reading

Jan 052019
The Dark Overlord Hackers Threaten To Release TOP SECRET Files of 9/11 Litigation Unless Paid

The Dark Overlord Hackers Blackmail: To Release TOP SECRET Files of 9/11 Litigation Unless Paid In Bitcoin TOPICS:Aaron KeselHackingSeptember 11th JANUARY 3, 2019 By Aaron Kesel click to continue reading