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This history goes back to the beginning of modern man, who is a product of alien(Annunaki) DNA being fused with an earth dweller’s, in all probably, cro magnon. The ‘creator’ was an Annunaki royal by the name of Enki, his father was the Annunaki king, Anu, he had a half brother Enlil, and his son was Ningishzidda(Thoth). They were all part of the group refered to as the ‘Elohim’ in the bible. Enki oversaw the creation of modern ‘man’, whilst Ningishzidda oversaw the creation of modern ‘woman’. The first variant of ‘man’ was known as Adamu, a primitive worker created to mine gold for the Anunaki. The female variant was Ti-Amat. These were the ‘prototype’ humans and from them was expected to reproduce numbers of workers to ease the toil of the Igigi (the worker class/gold miners of the aliens, those below the royality of the Annunaki). However, reproduce they did not. So, with the aid of Annunaki bone marrow from the rib of Enki, himself and the female Annunaki, Ninmah’s, rib(which was overseen by Ningishzidda), the new ‘improved and sexual’ Adamu and Ti-Amat were ‘knowing’ of intercourse as a result. Enlil was not happy about this experiment that actually infused the created humans with Annunaki marrow, he thought this step was ‘too far’ from the original plan of merely creating a ‘worker’ and being higher in royal status than Enki, expelled Adamu and Ti-Amat from Edin to the Abzu. They reproduced and their children became the workers and servants of the Annunaki.

Now, the story of the ‘bloodline’. Annunaki, though far superior in intellect to modern man, were not perfect beings. They warred with each other, double crossed one another, held grudges, slept with each others women, etc, etc. Enki was, being the creator or ‘father’ to modern man, very sympathetic towards his ‘creation’ and developed sexual feelings towards some of the females. He became a father with the human females, one bears him a son, Adapa, the other a daughter, Titi. They(Adapa and Titi) later mated and produced the children, Ka-in and Abael. Ka-in killed Abael in a fight over the use of water during a drought. He was expelled from that land and his ‘mark’ was that he and his descendant would be unable to grow facial hair(beards). Adapa and Titi, have other children. Enki, has a thing for human females and mates yet again with one, producing Ziusudra(Noah). The Igigi(Nephalim) also mate with human females, which angers Enlil greatly. Nibiru(the planet of the Annunaki and Igigi) enters the solar system and causes great havoc, Enki warns his son Ziusudra of the impeding calamity against the will of Enlil and Anu, who had voted to let humanity drown in the deluge as they regarded the intermixing of Annunaki and Igigi blood with humans as an abomination. The DNA of various animals and plants was collected by Enki and Ningishzidda and kept by Ziusudra to ensure survival in the aftermath. In the aftermath, some other humans besides Ziusudra survive(as they had lived in the mountains) and life begins again on Earth. From Ziusudra, the bloodline of human ‘royalty’ descends. The ‘house of David’ and Jesus are from this bloodline. Jesus’ bloodline is STILL alive today. The ‘Jews’ had NOTHING to do with his death, the Romans had EVERYTHING to do with it. Jesus was the King of Nazareth, Mary, his wife, was royalty from Jerusalem. They were exiled by the Romans. Jesus’ religion/philosophy was known as the ‘Society of Ormus’, it morphed and became Rosicrucianism. The Rosicrucianism of today is infiltrated and corrupted from what it was in the time of Francis Bacon.

In Egypt, Ningishzidda(Thoth, it was his face that originally appeared on the Sphinx) becomes ruler and with his culture emerges his ‘priestly class’, those with the abilities to know much and impart their knowledge to other selects. This is the very beginnings of ‘Freemasonry’ and the illuminated ones, they are tasked with ensuring the security and growth of human culture and society and protecting the ‘royal’ bloodline. Later, ‘Freemasonry’/priest class ‘morphs’ from the Ningishzidda/Thoth/Hermes influences to the more Jewish influenced ones of Solomon and Hiram( Hermes) with Anu becoming more prevalent in the rituals and teachings, him being the ‘God’ of both Christians and Jews. This ‘morphing’ most likely occurs around the time of pharaoh Akhenaten, who is the Jewish Moses, and who leads his followers out of Egypt to ‘Israel’ probably pursued by Seti, who is the Jewish ‘Satan’. This ‘agreed upon’ morphic changing occurs in Europe in the late 1600s early 1700s, by grand lodge decree.

The ‘Freemason'(priest class) illuminati, an Egyptian/Greco association of which the priory of scion/Templar illuminati developed is the polar opposite of the jesuit weishaupt inspired version, which was present for almost as long as the Egyptian/Greco version, but emerged from the canaanite descended Roman empire and its Spanish provinces. The Priory/Templar/Freemason illuminati B(their symbol is the bee), of which such luminaries as Da Vinci and Isaac Newton are associated were tasked with the same mandate as the original. This is the ‘light’. The now known jesuit weishaupt illuminati, or the ‘darkness’ are also referred to as the illuminati A and they are the counter to the good works of the ‘Bees’, so, as you can see, there are TWO illuminatis, hence the confusion.

A second ‘morphing’ of Freemasonry occurred in the mid 1800s early 1900s via the infiltration of the jesuits and their ‘agents’, of which, the rothschilds are number. In America, Freemasonry was infiltrated by the rothschild/jesuit agent Albert Pike. His task was to change the rituals, develop a new false philosophy and recruit members from the ranks for the jesuit illuminati in America. The York Rite was soundly embedded in the Northern states(two of the first Templars in America were Paul Revere and Joseph Warren, raised in the York Rite) and the Scottish Rite was seen as more susceptible to ‘influence’. In England, the rothschilds, (who have directed the monarchy from 1815 to the present day, and who have attempted to destroy the pure bloodline of it and all other European royal houses, and succeeded) gave Herbert Kitchener the task of destroying the rituals and philosophy/history of the York Rite, this would eventually ‘spread across the pond’ they envisioned. They later had ‘concerns’ about him, he was a gay pedophile and they feared as easily compromised by them as against them, and he was assassinated by ‘sinking ship’.
Today, Freemasonry is, just as ALL institutions in America infiltrated and compromised by the jesuits and their insatiable thirst for total control of humanity via the New World Order. The jesuit ‘code’ is one in which ANY evil( hence the ‘satanic’, pedophilia, ritual murder etc) is allowed and permitted in service to the ‘black pope’ or superior general. However, there are those Freemasons who KNOW their history largely through Familial rote and those that weren’t as fortunate need only know that a TRUE Freemason LOVES AMERICA and HATES THE JESUIT VATICAN, its agents and its institutions of control.

There still exists here and throughout the internet a lot of ‘Jew hate’ because they are scapegoated, and Judaism is as much infiltrated by the Khazarian mafia as Freemasonry is by the jesuits. For those that can’t figure this out, all you have to do is ask this question. If you were seen as part of a group that was ‘in control’ of the world and seeking to remain in control, yet were seen as the murderers of the king of the ‘blessed’ group, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to dispel this reputation and court favor with the blessed? Of course you would, but you don’t see this do you?

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