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Beyond Drinking From Water Fountains and Riding Buses, Black People Have a Right to Survive

Black Ferguson Protestors

The gradual ground we have gained regarding our civil rights should not be confused with the literal stalemate we have had with the U.S. justice system regarding our human rights for more than 200 years.








Coming to a Town Near You: Preemptive States of Emergency, Riots, Peace Brigades and Sanctuaries

25 Nov 2014

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Years ago in Guatemala I realizedAmerica wasn’t everything it could be-a sentiment just shared by President Barack Obama in the aftermath of the Ferguson riots, riots sparked by the acquittal of a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. Guatemala was dominated by a military

Police in riot gear move down the street past a burning police car, Monday, Nov. 24, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo. A grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

The Deep Malaise Of Your American Democracy

-OpEd- Barack Obama let the cancer of jihadi terrorism spread across the Middle East. He also left the door open for the Ebola virus to walk right in…

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Where Native Americans May Decide U.S. Midterm Elections

WOUNDED KNEE — Instead of calling in the cavalry, South Dakota Democrats will be depending on the Sioux to avoid an electoral massacre in t…

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Adios Banana Republics! Brazil Firm Buys ‘Colonial’ Chiquita

-OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — It was never just about bananas. Chiquita Brands became, in the 20th century, a symbol of a quintessentially cynical…

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Testosterone Nation: Male Hormone Therapy Explodes In U.S.

DALLAS — Greg Lucas wasn’t feeling at the top of his game. He’d gained weight, and the machines at the gym filled him with apprehensio…

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Lionfish, A Predator On The Menu

Lionfish aren’t native to the Atlantic Ocean but have long populated the coral reefs of the Red Sea, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Beautiful to look…

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Most Like This Former President’s

-OpEd-PARIS — If foreign policy were a beauty pageant, President Barack Obama would not be sporting a crown. The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner g…

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The Aborted Origins Of The First Hunt For Osama Bin Laden

Some of the drones the United States used to hunt for Osama bin Laden were once piloted out of Ramstein Air Base in Germany, apparently without the kn…

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A Utopian Mississippi Bookstore, Where Faulkner Lives On

OXFORD — The walls in this Oxford, Mississippi, bookstore are covered with pictures of authors. One by one, Richard Howorth comments on the…

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Deconstructing The Apple Watch, As A Watch

Along with a new version of the iPhone, Apple has for the first time presented a wristwatch: the Apple Watch. If all goes to plan, sporting a so-calle…

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A Farewell To America, In More Ways Than One

-Essay- America was good and generous to me. It gifted me with the birth of a third daughter, four presidential elections and a weight gain of 17.6 p…

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Are The Dollar’s Global Currency Days Numbered?

-Analysis- BOGOTA — It’s not going to happen tomorrow, in a year or even five years. But it’s conceivable, even likely, that wit…


The 25 Coolest Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following



Instagram launched in 2010, offering people a way to stay connected using images and videos. Since then it has grown immensely, and people from all over the world are using the site to show what they’ve been up to. But it’s also a way for people to show off their creativity. 

In addition to family and friends, and even celebrities who are active on the site, such as Beyonce, and well-known Instagram accounts, like Humans of New York, there are a ton of other people who are using Instagram to flex some creative muscle, whether it’s climbing the highest heights, or simply giving their feeds a dose of cuteness.

Treating the Terror Psychosis

War On TerrorMILpictures by Tom Weber via Getty Images

America is afflicted with a debilitating ailment that has warped the collective national mind. Its symptoms are the experience of persistent delusions and a distorted sense of objective reality.


Tyler Durden's picture
How The IRS & Homeland Security Are Expanding Undercover Work
“There is a danger to democracy,” a Supreme Court spokesman said, “in having police infiltrate protests when there isn’t a reasonable basis to suspect criminality.”It is impossible to tell how effective the government’s operations are or evaluate whether the benefits outweigh the costs, since little information about them is publicly disclosed.” Just another day in the American oligarchy.

A campaign to “restore” America won’t work. Just ask the Democrats

6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg










ISIS Claims Beheading Of Another American Aid Worker

The so-called Islamic State released a new video purporting to show the beheading of hostage Peter Kassig, who was kidnapped in Syria last year. The video’s authenticity has not been confirmed.

Iraqi Kurdish soldiers, also known as peshmerga, patrol an area in the recently recaptured town of Zumar, near Mosul in northern Iraq on Oct. 29. When the Islamic State captured the town in August, the Kurds fled. Now that the Kurds are in control, the Arabs are all gone.

Obama, Suu Kyi meeting as Myanmar hero shifts role

14 Nov 2014
NAYPYITAW, Myanmar (AP) — When President Barack Obama meets with Myanmar’s opposition icon Aung San Suu Kyi on Friday, he will encounter a figure in the midst of an evolution he finds familiar: the shift from
U.S. President Barack Obama, left, smiles as Myanmar's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi speaks during their joint news conference at her home in Yangon, Myanmar. Friday, Nov. 14, 2014. Obama gave a blunt assessment Friday of the need for further reform in Myanmar's move toward democracy, weighing into sensitive controversies over the treatment of religious minorities and a prohibition keeping Suu Kyi from running for president.

Drones Patrol Half Of Mexico Border


The U.S. government now patrols nearly half the Mexican border by drones alone in a largely unheralded shift to control desolate stretches where there are no agents, camera towers, ground sensors or fences, and it plans to expand the strategy to the Canadian border.

It represents a significant departure from a decades-old approach that emphasizes boots on the ground and fences. Since 2000, the number of Border Patrol agents on the 1,954-mile border more than doubled to surpass 18,000 and fencing multiplied nine times to 700 miles.

Under the new approach, Predator Bs sweep remote mountains, canyons and rivers with a high-resolution video camera and return within three days for another video in the same spot, two officials with direct knowledge of the effort said on condition of anonymity because details have not been made public.





Rosetta’s Philae robot makes history with Comet 67P landing

12 Nov 2014

Boulder‘s Southwest Research Instititute has role in pioneering mission The picture released by the European Space Agency ESA on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014 was taken by the ROLIS instrument on Rosetta‘s Philae lander during descent from a distance of approximately 3 km from the 4-kilometer-wide (2.5-mile-wide) 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet.

Rosetta and Philae separation confirmed




Obama Calls On China To Be A Partner In Ensuring World Order At APEC..Urges World Leaders To Approve Elusive ‘Historic’ Trans-Pacific Trade Deal


US and Iran meet in bid to reach nuclear deal

Full ArticleAl Jazeera

10 Nov 2014

The United States and Iran held high-level talks in Oman as the deadline for a nuclear deal loomed closer, but President Barack Obama warned there might be no agreement. US Secretary of State John Kerry met Iran’s Foreign MinisterMohammad Javad Zarif in the Gulf sultanate on Sunday, seeking to resolve key disputes that have left the West‘s

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry greets a string of Omani officials after arriving in Muscat in the pre-dawn hours of November 9, 2014, for negotiations with Iranian officials about the future of their nuclear program.

‘The Race To Zero’ Is Scaring Tech Companies




‘Trojan Horse’ Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011

PHOTO: A coal-fired power plant in Wyoming is seen on March 14, 2014 and the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline is pictured on June 14, 2009.


A destructive “Trojan Horse” malware program has penetrated the software that runs much of the nation’s critical infrastructure and is poised to cause an economic catastrophe, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

National Security sources told ABC News there is evidence that the malware was inserted by hackers believed to be sponsored by the Russian government, and is a very serious threat.

The hacked software is used to control complex industrial operations like oil and gas pipelines, power transmission grids, water distribution and filtration systems, wind turbines and even some nuclear plants. Shutting down or damaging any of these vital public utilities could severely impact hundreds of thousands of Americans.

DHS said in a bulletin that the hacking campaign has been ongoing since 2011, but no attempt has been made to activate the malware to “damage, modify, or otherwise disrupt” the industrial control process. So while U.S. officials recently became aware the penetration, they don’t know where or when it may be unleashed.

DHS sources told ABC News they think this is no random attack and they fear that the Russians have torn a page from the old, Cold War playbook, and have placed the malware in key U.S. systems as a threat, and/or as a deterrent to a U.S. cyber-attack on Russian systems – mutually assured destruction.

The hack became known to insiders last week when a DHS alert bulletin was issued by the agency’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team to its industry members. The bulletin said the “BlackEnergy” penetration recently had been detected by several companies.

DHS said “BlackEnergy” is the same malware that was used by a Russian cyber-espionage group dubbed “Sandworm” to target NATO and some energy and telecommunications companies in Europe earlier this year. “Analysis of the technical findings in the two reports shows linkages in the shared command and control infrastructure between the campaigns, suggesting both are part of a broader campaign by the same threat actor,” the DHS bulletin said.

The hacked software is very advanced. It allows designated workers to control various industrial processes through the computer, an iPad or a smart phone, sources said. The software allows information sharing and collaborative control.


US navy SEAL who killed Osama unmasked

Full ArticleThe Times of India

07 Nov 2014
WASHINGTON: The man who shot Osama bin Laden during the sensational 2011raid inside Pakistan is going public after falling out with the US military, and his family says they are not afraid — not even of terrorists seeking revenge. “Peopleare asking if we are worried that ISIS will come and get us because Rob is going public. I say I’ll paint a
File - This frame grab provided by the U.S. Department of Justice shows Osama bin Laden in a CNN interview in 1997.

‘Stand Up’ for Soldiers




GOP triumph is tempered by sobering realities 






Obama Syria Strategy Weakening As U.S.-Backed Rebels Lose To Al Qaeda

October ‘Midterm’ Surprise: Ebola and Obama as Political Savior?


01 Nov 2014

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling In the realm of politics it is called framing, or the ability to alter reality and a voter’s perception.(1) The way images are presented, campaigns conducted, and how messages are worded, usually determines the way the public identifies with a political narrative and then casts their ballots. President

File - President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talk with local residents at the Brigantine Beach Community Center, which is serving as a shelter for those displaced by Hurricane Sandy, in Brigantine, N.J., Oct. 31, 2012.




Key Races Still Close With 3 Days To Go…

October ‘Midterm’ Surprise: Ebola and Obama as Political Savior?

01 Nov 2014

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling In the realm of politics it is called framing, or the ability to alter reality and a voter’s perception.(1) The way images are presented, campaigns conducted, and how messages are worded, usually determines the way the public identifies with a political narrative and then casts their ballots. President

File - President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talk with local residents at the Brigantine Beach Community Center, which is serving as a shelter for those displaced by Hurricane Sandy, in Brigantine, N.J., Oct. 31, 2012.














US Considers Movement Restrictions on Troops Based in Ebola-hit West Africa: White House

Full ArticleNovosti

29 Oct 2014
WASHINGTON, October 29 (RIA Novosti) – US Department of Defense is discussing the restrictions over the US minitary forces, who have been deployed in West Africaamid Ebola virus outbreak, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. “The… 
US Considers Movement Restrictions on Troops Based in Ebola-hit West Africa: White House



U.S. soldiers returning from Liberia monitored for Ebola in Italy

U.S. Major General Darryl Williams, commander of the US military’s Operation United Assistance, holds a press conference about the Ebola virus at the US embassy in Monrovia on October 25, 2014.





‘Hands Up or Down!': Dammed if You Do, Dammed if You Don’t


25 Oct 2014

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling The recent killings of an unarmed and armed black teenager in Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri by overzealous police and excessive force exposes how historical and discriminatory processes and institutional racism in the United States continues its deathly march against minorities. It also brings

Philosopher Cornel West, center, is taken into custody after performing an act of civil disobedience at the Ferguson, Mo., police station Monday, Oct. 13, 2014, as hundreds continue to protest the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police in August.


Race To Trace Patient’s Movements… Doctor ‘A Dedicated Humanitarian’… 3 People Quarantined… Hazmat Suit Shares Spike… ‘Extremely Unlikely’ To Spread Through Public Transit… ‘Minimal To No Risk’…



U.S.-Liberia: A Fascinating and Interrelated History

19 Oct 2014

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Good and bad microbes are not the only invisible rulers of the world. There are also thousands of unseen ideas.Ideas, that is, in which some are left unfinished while others are ongoing or entirely fulfilled. Now that Liberia is wildly labeled ground zero of Ebola, a hot zone and epicenter of “a

In this Sept. 30, 2014, file photo, a medical worker sprays people being discharged from the Island Clinic Ebola treatment center in Monrovia, Liberia.





Pentagon preparing for long war in Iraq, Syria

Full ArticleStars and Stripes

18 Oct 2014

WASHINGTON — Ten weeks into its war against Islamic State extremists, thePentagon is settling in for the long haul, short on big early successes but still banking on enlisting Syrians and Iraqis to fight the ground war so that U.S. troops won’t have to. The U.S. general overseeing the campaign on Friday predicted that the jihadists will be

Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, Commander of the U.S. Central Command (CentCom), left, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, listen as President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting

Excuse Me, But We Never ‘Won’ in Iraq

Full ArticleHuffington Post

16 Oct 2014

It’s often been said that generals always fight the last war, especially if they think they won it. That old adage remains as true today as it was when the Maginot Linewas built in the 1930s to prevent a second German invasion of France. And it is as true for politicians as it is for generals. The proof can be found in the current debate about the

File - A U.S. Army Soldier from 1st Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment conducts a patrol in Baghdad, Iraq, Nov. 29, 2007.

Obama cancels trips to focus on Ebola

Full ArticleThe Siasat Daily

16 Oct 2014

Washington, October 16: US President Barack Obama cancelled two trips Thursday to Rhode Island and New York to focus on his government’s response to the Ebolacrisis, as Republicans urged him to suspend flights from countries affected by the disease. Obama was scheduled to travel to Rhode Island for an economic event before attending a Democratic

President Barack Obama speaks the economy, Iraq, and Ukraine, Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, before convening a meeting with his national security team on the militant threat in Syria and Iraq.

For Bank Of America, Crime Is Now An Ordinary Course Of Business

submitted 10/15/14

Between Q4 2011 and Q3 2014 Bank of America produced “Net Income” of $15.9 billion. However, the amount of added back “one-time, non-recurring” legal expenses is a stunning $28.9 billion: two of every three dollars, non-GAAP as they may be, comes from Bank of America engaging in criminal activity… and getting caught for it! So perhaps an even more relevant question than how long will the EPS “addback” bullshit continue, is how long will the regulators and enforcers allow Bank of America to exist as an organization for which two-thirds of its “ordinary course business” is, for lack of a better word, crime?

1,300-Year-Old Village Unearthed In Arizona National Park

Full ArticleBusiness Insider

15 Oct 2014

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Archaeologists have unearthed a village believed to be about 1,300 years old and containing more than 50 sandstone-walled homes at a U.S. national park in northeastern Arizona, one of the researchers said on Friday. The discovery was made by a team that surveyed part of the Petrified Forest National Park during the summer and

This is the view from the restaurant at Eagle Point in Grand Canyon West Rim national park, which is located in Arizona, USA.


Pentagon says global warming increases terrorism threat

14 Oct 2014

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon released a report Monday asserting decisively that climate change poses an immediate threat to national security, with increased risks from terrorism, infectious disease, global poverty and food shortages. It also predicted rising demand for military disaster responses as extreme weather creates more global humanitarian

File -  Island Nation of Kiribati Affected by Climate Change in this low-lying land. Locals in Tebikenikora, a village in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati.







End Game Against ISIS Will Require Departure of Assad





Facebook Wants To Be Creepier Than Google With Your Data


Facebook mobile

 In an ever-escalating battle to own the Internet, Facebook is going after Google’s digital advertising empire, using your personal information as ammunition.










   The War With No Name




The U.S. has been bombing the Islamic State for two months now, and several developments stand out: The extremists are still on the offensive, the U.S. is struggling to find partners on the ground, and for the first time in a quarter-century, a major U.S. military intervention lacks a formal name.

When President Obama launched the aerial campaign in August against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq, followed a month later with similar strikes in Syria, it carried the expectation that it could grind on for years.








Rapper Lil Jon appears in a new ad for Rock the Vote’s 2014 campaign. The organization was founded to get Generation X engaged in politics, and is adapting its tactics to reach millennials.

Rapper Lil Jon appears in a new ad for Rock the Vote's 2014 campaign. The organization was founded to get Generation X engaged in politics, and is adapting its tactics to reach millennials.

Rapper Lil Jon appears in a new ad for Rock the Vote’s 2014 campaign. The organization was founded to get Generation X engaged in politics, and is adapting its tactics to reach millennials.

Courtesy of Rock the Vote

This story is part of the New Boom series on millennials in America.

Millennials are not getting much love from politicians this year.

The big reason for that is low expectations for turnout among young voters.

Back in 2010, the last midterm election, fewer than a quarter of voters ages 18 to 29 showed up at the polls. This year, it’s looking even worse: 23 percent of voters under 30 are expected to vote. That’s according to Eva Guidarini of the Harvard Institute of Politics, which studies young voters.




US court hears Guantanamo force-feeding case

Full ArticleAl Jazeera

09 Oct 2014

Hunger-striking prisoners who are force-fed at Guantanamo Bay can choose from several flavours for the liquid meal they must ingest, and well-behaved inmates sometimes are force-fed communally, a US court has heard. In a testimony outlining procedures at the US Naval base in southeastern Cuba, government officials described how prison guards deal

File - U.S. Army and Navy guards cross train while escorting a detainee to a recreational area on board Camp One at Joint Task Force Guantanamo.





US to begin airport Ebola screening

Full ArticleBelfast Telegraph

09 Oct 2014

Five major US airports will soon begin an extra level of screening to try to catch any travellers from Ebola-ravaged countries who might be carrying the disease. About 150 travellers a day will have their temperatures checked using no-touch thermometers, although health officials expect false alarms from fevers due to malaria. The extra screening

Bellevue Hospital nurse Belkys Fortune, left, and Teressa Celia, Associate Director of Infection Prevention and Control, pose in protective suits in an isolation room, in the Emergency Room of the hospital, during a demonstration of procedures for possible Ebola patients, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014.














Goodbye Gun Control: The $1,200 Machine For 3D-Printing Guns Has Sold Out In 36 Hours

Americans want guns without serial numbers. And apparently, they want to make them at home. On Wednesday, Cody Wilson’s libertarian non-profit Defense Distributed revealed the Ghost Gunner, a $1,200 computer-controlled (CNC) milling machine designed to let anyone make the aluminum body of an AR-15 rifle at home, with no expertise, no regulation, and no serial numbers. Since then, he’s sold more than 200 of the foot-cubed CNC mills—175 in the first 24 hours.







Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Panic About The First US Case Of Ebola

ebola virus infection control west africaReuters/ James AkenaA laboratory specialist examines specimens of the Ebola virus.


Wake up, America: It’s time to properly debate our endless war in the Middle East 


ISIS Comes To America? Oklahoma Man Beheads Woman After Being Fired

A man who had been fired from a food processing plant in an Oklahoma City suburb beheaded a woman with a knife and was attacking another worker when he was shot and wounded by a company official, police said Friday. As AP reports, while questioning the suspect’s co-workers, investigators learned he had recently started trying to convert several employees to Islam. As the director of news and information for tlamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City stated, “they have this ISIS thing on their minds and now this guy has brought it 







Signaling Post-Snowden Era, New iPhone Locks Out N.S.A.


Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, introducing the new iPhones, which feature enhanced data encryption.CreditJim Wilson/The New York Times

US Continues Airstrikes on IS Targets

Full ArticleVoa News

27 Sep 2014

VOA News American fighter jets, drones and other aircraft pounded Islamic Statetargets in Iraq and Syria on Friday as Britain, Denmark and Belgium joined the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group. U.S. Central Command said four Islamic State tanks were destroyed in Syria’s Deir el-Zour province. A group monitoring the war in Syria said Friday

File - This undated image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 shows fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria.


 EDITORS NOTE…..This story above is a difficult read as it lays out with clarity the corruption of American  financial system and its players……

                              ……AND WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OF ITS CITIZENS  ?????


iPhone 6 bendgate and iOS 8 glitch take bite of Apple as nearly $23bn wiped …

Full ArticleThe Independent

26 Sep 2014

Apple shares fell more than 3 per cent on Thursday, wiping close to $23bn off its stock market value, as investors reacted to the “bendgate” and iOS8 bug double whammy. Yesterday, Apple made a rare apology over the iOS 8.0.1 software glitch,

A customer shows off the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at a store in Tokyo Friday, Sept. 19, 2014.


A Look Inside The Secret Deal With Saudi Arabia That Unleashed The Syrian Bombing

For those to whom the recent US campaign against Syria seems a deja vu of last summer’s “near-war” attempt to ouster its president Bashar al-Assad, which was stopped in the last minute due to some very forceful Russian intervention and the near breakout of war in the Mediterranean between US and Russian navies, it is because they are.  And as a reminder, just like last year, the biggest wildcard in this, and that, direct intervention into sovereign Syrian territory, or as some would call it invasion or even war, was not the US but Saudi Arabia – recall from August of 2013 – “Meet Saudi Arabia’s Bandar bin Sultan: The Puppetmaster Behind The Syrian War.” Bin Sultan was officially let go shortly after the 2013 campaign to replace Syria’s leadership with a more “amenable” regime failed if not unofficially (see below), but Saudi ambitions over Syria remained. That much is revealed by the WSJ today in a piece exposing the backdoor dealings that the US conducted with Saudi Arabia to get the “green light” to launch its airstrikes against ISIS, or rather, parts of Iraq and Syria.”The process gave the Saudis leverage to extract a fresh U.S. commitment to beef up training for rebels fighting Mr. Assad, whose demise the Saudis still see as a top priority.





  Naomi Klein, author of “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate,” discusses climate change and the economics of the energy industry with Pimm Fox on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)



















A Viewer’s Guide to Weekend Movies: A Maze of Tombstones Is Where Hollywood Leaves You

Image Universal Pictures

Remember those days when not many movies out in theaters? This is not one of those days! There are so many new movies out this weekend! Seventeen, to be exact. So let’s get cracking………Continue here.





American Separatists Are Thrilled About Scotland And Think It Will Lead To A ‘Paradigm Shift’



Obama to deploy 3,000 troops as Ebola crisis worsens

16 Sep 2014

By Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States announced on Tuesday it will send 3,000 troops to help tackle the Ebola outbreak as part of a ramped-up plan, including a major deployment in Liberia, the country where the epidemic is spiralling fastest out of control. The U.S. response to the crisis, to be formally unveiled later by President

Health workers in protective gear move the body of a person that they suspect dyed form the Ebola virus in Monrovia, Liberia, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014.





Islamic State crisis: Kerry to lead talks in Paris

Full ArticleBBC News 

15 Sep 2014


US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet foreign ministers from around the world in Paris on Monday to discuss how to defeat Islamic State (IS) militants. French President Francois Hollande said the beheading of a British aid worker showed the world must act against IS. About 40 countries, including 10 Arab states, have signed up to a coalition… 

Islamic State crisis: Kerry to lead talks in Paris





Visible, Invisible and Subterranean Images of 9-11

14 Sep 2014


Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Each year in World Geography, students learn that maps lie and grossly distort reality. In other words, political map projections do not reveal the layers and layers of various histories, governments, economics, religions, cultures, or the differing societies. Neither do maps, drawn and outlined with… 

New York, N.Y. (Sept. 15, 2001) -- A New York City fireman calls for 10 more rescue workers to make their way into the rubble of the World Trade Center. cg1









A Woman’s Place Is in the White House

12 Sep 2014


Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Regarding the two most prevalent sexes, male and female, which brain can multi-track and is far more communicative and holistic? Which tends to build relationships more easily, has the ability to speak and listen simultaneously, and can switch subjects and moods while interweaving diverse and… 

File - President Barack Obama speaks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton following the President's talk with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the Oval Office, May 28, 2009.







Bomb ISIS ‘Wherever They Exist’… Somalia, Yemen Held Up As Examples!…‘Intelligence Agencies Have Concluded That ISIS Poses No Immediate Threat 











America’s Future Is Bright
















BP Ruling ‘Wakeup Call’ as Risks Mount in Oil Search

Full ArticleBloomberg 

05 Sep 2014


A U.S. judge’s watershed ruling means the final cost to BP Plc (BP/) for the 2010 Gulf oil spill may eclipse $50 billion, wiping out years of profits and highlighting the risks of drilling as the industry pushes into more dangerous areas such as deeper waters and ice-bound Arctic fields. Yesterday’s court decision that BP acted with gross… 

File - Assist vessels fire water cannons at the Deepwater Horizon in an attempt to control and extinguish a fire April 21, 2010, which has engulfed the mobile offshore drilling unit after an explosion April 20.






A Hacker Breached The Obamacare Website















Ex-NSA Director, US Intelligence Veterans Write Open Letter To Merkel To Avoid All-Out Ukraine War

“We the undersigned are longtime veterans of U.S. intelligence. We take the unusual step of writing this open letter to you to ensure that you have an opportunity to be briefed on our views prior to the NATO summit on September 4-5. You need to know, for example, that accusations of a major Russian “invasion” of Ukraine appear not to be supported by reliable intelligence. Rather, the “intelligence” seems to be of the same dubious, politically “fixed” kind used 12 years ago to “justify” the U.S.-led attack on Iraq. We saw no credible evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq then; we see no credible evidence of a Russian invasion now. Twelve years ago, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, mindful of the flimsiness of the evidence on Iraqi WMD, refused to join in the attack on Iraq. In our view, you should be appropriately suspicions of charges made by the US State Department and NATO officials alleging a Russian invasion of Ukraine.”







FBI and Apple investigate celebrity nude photo hacking

02 Sep 2014


Apple and the FBI are investigating an online hack that led to the posting of hundreds of explicit photos of some of Hollywood’s most famous female stars. The leak saw British names including model Cara Delevigne and former Downton Abbeyactress Jessica Brown Findlay linked to the list of around 100 famous people whose intimate pictures had… 

File - Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the Oscars on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.










Nasa Approves Rocket To Take Humans To Mars

The $7bn (£4.2bn) Space Launch System is scheduled to blast off for a test launch by November 2018.








Obama seeking allies for fight against extremists

Full ArticleThe Associated Press 

30 Aug 2014


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama‘s acknowledgement the U.S. still lacks a strategy for defeating the growing extremist threat emanating from Syriareflects a still unformed international coalition. The president is meeting with his top advisers and consulting members of Congress to prepare U.S. military options. At the same time, he is… 

President Barack Obama talks with staff during a meeting in the Oval Office, Aug. 28, 2014.





Armstrong Warns “Ferguson Is The Flash-Point In The Cycle Of War”

Ferguson is a flash-point. Justifying the shooting is irrelevant. This is no longer a race riot, it is being seen worldwide as war waged by military troops pretending to be police and this crosses the line for that same level of force will be used against white protesters when the economy turns down. The goal is to be so harsh and cruel, like in Donetsk, anyone who disagrees better not show their face.”






U.S. Coast Guard fires on Iranian fishing boat

U.S Coast Guard Cutter Monomoy in pictured in 2005.








Obama Wants This Journalist In Jail







At least 89 injured in U.S. quake-stricken Napa area

Full ArticleXinhua 

25 Aug 2014


> • 89 were injured after 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit California’s Napa area earlySunday morning. • Emergencies officials said the quake cut off power supply to at lease 64,000 people in Napa area. • California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency for the quake-hit area. SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) — An earthquake with… 

A beam rests atop a vehicle at Charter Oaks apartments in Napa, Calif., following an earthquake Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014.










Chinese Top Gun ‘Barrel Rolled’ Over US Plane

The jet exposed its undercarriage to show the US plane it was armed as they came within 20ft of each other, the Pentagon says.

Handout of Chinese SU-27 fighter jet over the East China Sea

An SU-27 jet like the one in Monday’s incident Pic: Japan Defense Ministry

The US has lodged a formal protest with Beijing after a Chinese fighter jet conducted a barrel roll “very, very close” over an American Navy plane this week, the Pentagon has said.





The F-35 Could Eventually End Production Of Every Other Military Jet

f35 variants

All three F-35 variants at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Left to right: F-35C carrier variant, F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing variant, F-35A conventional takeoff and landing variant.

Time To Embrace Our Inevitable Future As Cyborgs








9th Night Of Unrest… Officers Fire Tear Gas At Crowds… SWAT Armored Vehicle Plows Through Protesters… Live Bullets Fired By ‘Bad Guys’… 2 Shot, 2 Fires, 31 Arrested… Some From As Far Away As NY And California… Molotov Cocktail And Guns Confiscated… Capt. Johnson: ‘Let’s Give Attention To The Peaceful, Not Glamorize The Acts Of Criminals’… EARLIER: Getty Photographer Detained… 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Arrested… ‘Until They Bring In The Policeman Who Did This Shooting, There Ain’t Gonna Be No Peace…







The Percentage Of Americans Who Can’t Afford Food Hasn’t Budged Since The Recession Peaked



National Guard Deployed To Ferguson






FLASH: County Police Said To Be Pulled From Scene Imminently…
HuffPost, WashPost Reporters Arrested And Assaulted… CRIME: ‘Not Packing Bags Quickly Enough’ At McDonald’s… ‘Slammed Into Soda Fountain’… ‘A Dehumanizing Process’… OUTRAGE… Pattern Of Harassment… Alderman Arrested Because He ‘Didn’t Listen’… HuffPost ‘Disturbed’… Civilian Screams: ‘I’m Dying, I’m Dying’… TEAR GAS, RUBBER BULLETS SHOT AT PROTESTERS… Another Witness Contradicts Police Claims About Shooting…Obama To Speak… 








Bacall’s legend more than just acting and Bogart

13 Aug 2014


NEW YORK — Lauren Bacall had one of those incredible lives. The wife and co-star of Humphrey Bogart. A Tony Award-winning actress. A National Book Award-winning author. A giant of fashion. A friend of the Kennedys. One of the last survivors of Hollywood‘s studio age. A star almost from the moment she appeared on screen to the day she died,… 
File - Screenshot of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in the trailer for the film Dark Passage (1947).










Robin Williams Dead… Apparent Suicide… Checked Into Rehab Weeks Ago… Last Seen Sunday Night… ‘Had Been Battling Severe Depression’… 4 Upcoming Movies…






Rory McIlroy wins dramatic shootout to take PGA title

11 Aug 2014


LOUISVILLE: Rory McIlroy put himself among golf’s greatest legends Sunday by winning his fourth major title in dramatic fashion, capturing the PGA Championship in a shotmakers’ showdown at rain-softened Valhalla. Three weeks after winning the British Open, the 25-year-old from Northern Ireland rallied on the back nine to take his second major… 
Rory McIlroy, of Northern Ireland, holds up the Wanamaker Trophy after winning the PGA Championship golf tournament at Valhalla Golf Club on Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014, in Louisville, Ky.






Murder or Accident in Tony Stewart’s NASCAR Scandal?

11 Aug 2014


Three-time champ Tony Stewart is reviled—and beloved—for his take-no-prisoners, borderline-unhinged attitude. But we may never know whether he hit Kevin Warddeliberately. We all know how dangerous competitive racing can be. It’s not a regular occurrence, nor is it in any way the reason NASCAR has vaulted to the second-most watched sport in the… 
Tony Stewart
photo: Creative Commons / Kim Phillips






Iraq’s highest court paves way for Maliki to serve third term

Full ArticleYahoo Daily News 

11 Aug 2014


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq‘s highest court ruled on Monday that Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki‘s… 

raq's highest court paves way for Maliki to serve third term







US drops new aid to Iraqis fleeing militant surge

Full ArticleSTL Today 

09 Aug 2014


IRBIL, Iraq (AP) — The U.S. launched a new airdrop Saturday to aid thousands of members of an Iraqi minority group who fled the advance of the Islamic Stategroup, trying to stem a worsening humanitarian crisis in a country reeling from the extremist offensive. The extremists have captured hundreds of women from the Yazidi religious minority,… 

This image released by the U.S. Air Force, shows pallets of bottled water loaded aboard a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircraft in preparation for a humanitarian airdrop over Iraq, Friday, Aug. 8, 2014.





Here’s Where The US Just Went To War…










SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Iraqi, Kurdish Officials Welcome U.S. Airdrops.. Food And Water For 8,000.. More Shipments Planned.. U.S. Begins Airstrikes On ISIS.. EARLIER: Islamic State Takes Iraq’s Largest Dam.. Seizes Country’s Biggest Christian Town.. UN: Persecution Amounts To Genocide.. Haunting Photos Of Minorities On The Run






President Obama authorizes renewed airstrikes in Iraq

Full ArticleKhaleej Times 

08 Aug 2014


Obama authorized the US airstrikes, warning they would be launched if needed to defend Americans from advancing Islamic militants and protect civilians under siege. President Barack Obama authorized US airstrikes in northern Iraq on Thursday night, warning they would be launched if needed to defend Americans from advancing Islamic militants and… 

President Barack Obama addresses the nation in a live televised speech from the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013.











The Fate Of America’s Dying Supercenters

walmart wal-mart















Israel Reportedly Spied On Kerry Talks

Israeli intelligence reportedly listened in on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s telephone calls during Middle East peace negotiations last year. Der Spiegel quotes “a reliable source” saying Israel eavesdropped on conversations made on telephones that were not encrypted. It reports that at least one other foreign intelligence service listened on Kerry’s talks, as well, but did not specify which. Neither the U.S. nor Israel has commented. At the same time, documents newly released by Edward Snowden show that the NSA works closely with its Israeli counterpart SIGINT National Unit and provides surveillance assistance to monitor and target Palestinians, as do British and Jordanian agencies.


















The Real Reason Obama Is Being Sued and Impeached

01 Aug 2014


Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling. If only President Barack Obamahad declared war. If only he had exceeded his executive authority and preemptively invaded and militarily occupied another nation. If only he had unleashed the dogs of war to slaughter thousands of foreigners. If he had done all of this, Republicanswould not have just… 

President Barack Obama gestures during a news conference.












IRS Totes Guns, But Doesn’t Use Helicopters–Yet

Does the IRS Make You Queasy? Just Think How You’d Feel If the IRS Had Helicopters Too, Like the Taxman in Brazil! read »









Is Big Philanthropy A Western ‘Tyranny Of Experts’ – Or Measure Of Imperfect Democracy?

Years ago, quite early in my development career (which itself is a second career to journalism), I was sitting comfortably in the board room of a white shoe law firm with panoramic views of midtown Manhattan. The occasion was the board meeting of nonprofit organization engaged in international development, specifically assisting the poor in one small and very poor nation ruled by a corrupt hierarchical regime. The question was fundraising and how to get donors interested in helping this population[…] read »












The Ten Plagues That Are Hitting America Right Now

Why are so many plagues hitting the United States all of a sudden? Yes, one can always point out bad stuff that is happening somewhere in the country, but right now we are facing a nightmarish combination of crippling drought, devastating wildfires, disastrous viruses, dying crops and superbugs that scientists don’t know how to kill.









5 Million Could Lose Insurance Support… Affects More Than Half Of Country…







‘It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation': John Kerry overheard saying of Israel’s Gaza operation

21 Jul 2014


US Secretary of State John Kerry was overheard expressing sarcasm over the death of civilians in Israel‘s Gaza incursion. Photo: Reuters Hamas claims Israeli soldier abducted in fighting Washington: US Secretary of State John Kerry was overheard on Sunday expressing what appeared to be pointed ……
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to U.S. Embassy staff in Doha, Qatar








PENTAGON: Russia Likely Helped Militants Who Shot Down The Plane







With her call to action, Warren cuts sharp contrast to Clinton

HILLARY CLINTON: It’s Probably Time ‘To Put Putin On Notice’

screenshot via YouTube

Hillary Clinton sat down on “The “Charlie Rose Show” following Thursday’s Malaysian Airlinesplane crash in Ukraine and argued it was “obviously” an anti-aircraft missile that shot it down. She said Russian insurgents were “probably” responsible and European countries needed to step up their efforts in the region. 

“Who could have have shot this down? Who had the equipment — it’s obviously an anti-aircraft missile? Who could have had the expertise to do that?” said Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential front-runner in 2016, said. “There does seem to be some growing awareness that it probably had to be Russian insurgents.”

If pro-Russian separatists, who are battling the Ukrainian government, did indeed shoot down the plane, Clinton said the Russian government would be certainly linked to the crash.

“If there is evidence pointing in that direction, the equipment had to have come from Russia. What more the Russians may or may not have done, we don’t know,” she said.

Clinton, who formerly served in the Obama administration as secretary of state, said current United States sanctions against Russia were effective. On the other hand, she said European countries will need to become more aggressive in their own efforts to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to back down.

“If there is evidence linking Russia to this, that should inspire the Europeans to do much more on three counts. One, toughen their own sanctions — make it very clear there has to be a price to pay. Number two, immediately accelerate efforts and announce they are doing so to find alternatives to Gazprom. Russia has not diversified its economy. It is still largely dependent upon natural resources, principally gas and oil.  And thirdly do more in concert with us to support the Ukrainians,” she said. “Put Putin on notice that he has gone too far and we are not going to stand idly by.”

Watch the segment below.







How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students








JOE KLAMAR via Getty Images

Kerry Tries To Salvage Nuclear Negotiations Days Before Deadline.. Iran And U.S. See Domestic Constraints.. Study: Iran Sanctions Cost The U.S. Billions









Warren Stumps In Deep Red States… Attendees Plead With Her To Run For President… Fundraising Sensation…









US prepared to broker Gaza ceasefire, says Obama

11 Jul 2014


The US is prepared to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants inGazaPresident Barack Obama has said. His comments came during a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr Netanyahu earlier said Israel’s operation was progressing as planned and “more stages were expected”. More than 80… 
US prepared to broker Gaza ceasefire, says Obama

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  1. It’s a nasty cycle we’re in. The United States of Ancient Rome arms one group of barbarians to defeat another group of barbarians, then they re-choose teams and the next muslim brotherhood, er I mean al qeada, er I mean ISIS, er I mean Khosan, goes on an even worse rampage and the USAR pours even more arms and training on the fire. Where does this end?

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